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A Dead Man's Tell.
I feel my heart pound,
Yet I do not truly live.
Deep in the ground,
I lay cold, singing, no more.

Ah, but the songs I sang during my life!
Songs of love,
Songs of hate,
I sang a song or two every hour of every day.
I sang until the very day,
That I would be laying in my grave.

I arose from my slumber on that silent morn,
Feeling melancholy and stiff as board.
This odd for me, I mightend add,
In my life I was joyously mad.

This, being the last day of breath I had to breathe it,
Was also the darkest, and the bleakest.
I sang no songs my final day,
Now I rest.
Now I sleep.

The sadness of death is forever,
The worst part,
The Silence.
Such a bore.
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