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Poilin wanted to go back home to where they used to live, but they can't. Or can they?

I Want My Snow Back

     Avica pulled her hand back quickly after palming the Hand Reader next to her son’s Sleeper. “Now, that’s cold.” She carefully placed her palm up there again.

     Still shivering Avica kept her palm against the reader until the door next to it slid open. Avica walked into Poilin’s Sleeper. “It’s freezing in here.”

     “Why is it so cold in here.” Avica walked over to the Room Temperature Gauge – and read it.

     Poilin sat on his Sleeper looking at his room. Which looked like the Cold Season came for a visit. “Because I miss our old home.”

     “We talked about this before we moved here.” Avica walked over and sat on the Sleeper next to Poilin. She almost hit the ceiling jumping off it. It’s very cold too.

     “I know we did, but I changed my mind.” Poilin looked sad.

     “Why can’t we move back home where there is actually snow during the Cold Holiday.” First Poilin looked at his mother. Then out his window.

     “It’s so hot out there you could melt all the snow in Winconim in an hour.” Poilin started looking at his room again.

     “The hot weather was one of the reason you agreed to move out here.” Avica stood next to Poilin’s Sleeper, but even that’s hard to do. Her feet are shivering too.

     “Yes I did, but I didn’t think it was going to get this hot out.” Poulin got up, and looked out his window.

     “It’s the Cold Season, and it’s still in the upper seventies low eighties.” Poilin looked at the Outside Temperature Gauge in the window frame.

     “They make it look like the Cold Holiday, but it isn’t.” Poilin started looking outside again.

     “We moved here because of my promotion.” Avica walked up behind Poilin, and put her arm around him.

     “There’s nothing I can do about it now.” Even by the window, and the heat outside, Avica still shivered a little.

     “We could still move back there – and you could teleport to work every day.” Poilin looked up at his mother.

     “Do you know how much it would cost me to use the teleport twice a day – six days a week?” Avica held Poilin close to her to stop shivering so much.

     “Didn’t you say you were getting twice the Credits with this new job, and we lived on what you made at the old job didn’t we?” Poilin returned to his Sleeper, and plopped down on it.

     “I couldn’t do that – even if I wanted to.” Avica walked over to the Sleeper too, but didn’t get on it.

     “My new job is Location Sensitive.” Looking at Poilin Avica sighed. Cold air came out of her mouth.

     “Which means I have to live here.” Avica started shivering all over again.

     “When we were discussing whether you were going to take this promotion or not didn’t you tell me you could teleport here if you accepted it.” Poilin said all that in one breath.

     “I thought that I could do it, but I was wrong.” Avica lied to Poilin.

     Before she got caught in a lie she changed the subject. “How can you live in here without freezing to death.”

     “The same way we did at our real home.” Poilin didn’t look like he thought she was lying to him.

     “I’ve got a Body Heat Suit under my Cold Weather Clothing.” Poilin opened up his shirt to show his mother how he’s staying warm.

     Avica quickly changed the subject again. “The reason I came up here is because some of your friends came by to see if you could play.”

     “It is playtime.” Avica headed for the door.

     “I think it will make you feel a lot better if you went out and played.” Avica left the room.

     After Avica left, and the door slid shut, Poilin picked up some light purple snow – and threw it at the door. It stuck to the door when it splatted against it. “It’s just not the same as the real thing.”


     Ten-year-old Poilin did go out to play with his friends – Olivvia and Jaspir. He wore a light blue Skin Suit that barely covered his Personal Area. The other kids on that street had similar suits on.

     Poilin tried to have fun, and he did, but he kept looking up at his Sleeper. He could see a little bit of his old life through the window. ‘I like playing with my friends, but it’s not as much fun as it used to be.’

     ‘It’s not just the cold weather that I miss about my old life.’ Poilin thought as he played Catch Me with Olivvia and Jaspir.

     ‘I miss my old friends too.’ Olivvia just got tripped by Poilin. Which means she’s the one who had to catch someone.

     ‘Of course, I would miss my new friends if we did move back.’ Poilin barely escaped getting tripped by Olivvia. She ended up face down on the white grass instead.

     ‘Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t move back home after all.’ At first Poilin went after Olivvia again when she tripped him, but he could catch her so he tried to trip Jaspir.


     Poilin had barely got into his house when Avica ran up to him – and hugged him. Avica had just gotten off the Communicator when he got home. She still had it in her hand. “I’ve got some good news.”

     “I still can’t move back there, but you can still go back there.” Avica continued lying to Poilin about that.

     “You can’t do it a lot, but you can go back there any time that you want to.” Poilin and Avica walked into the Living Room together. Avica had her arm around Poilin again.

     “Poilin, you could even go back there for the Holiday season if you want to do it.” That time it’s Poilin who hugged his mother.

     “You’re the best mother on Hillion.” Poilin hugged his mother even harder.

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