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My take on Prayer

My One Prayer

I don't pray for God to give me things.

I don't pray to prolong the life of the suffering because grief frightens me.

I don't pray for people that I don't care about to avoid lying to someone who follows up on their request.

I don't pray as a technicality to save my soul

I don't pray for God to change me such that I desire and not require.

I don't pray in presumption that I know what the world needs as if God were unaware.

I don't pray that God further improve me; that is my work.

I don't pray for answers to questions I have no business asking.

I don't pray to end some global strife because someone might label me 'Evil' if I do not.

I don't pray to acquire God's attention

I pray for her.

I pray she finds peace

I pray God to love her and keep her and guide her and be there for her when the time comes.

I pray for her because she needs God's help.

I pray for her because I have failed to love and care for her.

I pray for her because she deserves it.

I pray for her because I cannot help her and refuse to give up on her.

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