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I believe a woman should be granted the same rights as a man when it comes to her life
Does a man ever wonder how much pain we deal with all our lives?
I don't think so!
We bleed every month for seven days
We give birth to your children and take care of your homes as well
All we want is an education and a career to show our future children that their mother can do everything a father can
Mothers educate their children
Illiterate mothers have a hard time teaching their children right from wrong
When you go and purchase a woman from her family you're taking away all her rights away from her
How do you determine how much we're worth?
I've been told before that I'm worth less than a dollar
I always wondered why
Maybe because I love music and love to dance
Also maybe for the love I have for movies
I never liked to be bossed around and cook for someone who thinks I'm their servant
The women who are willing to be servants are the ones that are worth more
I wonder why they do that?
I also wonder why we are a burden for our families after a certain age
I mean why isn't a man a burden if he lives with his parents his whole life?
Why do our fathers want to kill us after birth knowing we are girls?
What sins did we commit?
I will marry someone who appreciates me and loves me for my intelligence and personality not someone who wants to purchase me for the house-keeping skills I have
Please stop selling yourselves, fight for your rights
Men need to see we care about ourselves

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