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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2066966
MunDon has a mysterious death very similar to the one he had almost fifteen years ago.

Another Mysterious Death

     “Calm down. Just tell me what you saw.” Mysterious Death Questioner MunDon took down notes as he talked to a hysterical Clearner.

     ViaKai couldn’t stop herself from ranting and raving. She had a bigger problem with yelling and screaming – she couldn’t stop. MunDon tried to relax her, but it’s very hard to do – especially since she couldn’t sit still either. Every few minutes she got up.

     MonDon couldn’t keep up with her. So he contacted Central Command for help. They sent out a female Trauma Specialist. Her name’s TaeRea. Even with TaeRea’s help it’s hard to calm her down enough to question her, but after about half an hour she did.

     “Can you tell me what happened here?” MunDon sat next to her on the Long Chair in the Living Area.

     ViaKai couldn’t be understood too good, but MunDon got the jest of it. “I come to work as usual. I’m a Cleaner. Every other day I clean this place. It takes me about three hours to do it.”

     “That’s all very interesting – but what I want to know is what you discovered while cleaning.”

     “Not while I cleaned. Before I started. Found him in Supply Room where I keep cleaning supplies.” ViaKai had calmed down a lot. Still hard to understand her though.

     “This might be a stupid question considering your attitude, but did you do any cleaning today.” MunDon had to ask under the circumstances.

     “No, I didn’t. I watch Entertainment Shows all the time.” ViaKai had settled down completely by then.

     “Thank you for all your help. I will contact you if I have any more questions.” Then he turned to TaeRea. “Thanks for your help too.”


     The Supply Room looked even smaller on the inside than the out. One person could barely fit in there. At the moment it had three, four if you count the dead man, in there. “What can you tell me? Do you know how he died yet?” MunDon asked HavKiv and LoaBao.

     “It was a single Death Shot to the back of the head.” HavKiv continued checking out the body.

     “Why does that sound so familiar to me?” LoaBao had been taking notes on what HavKiv discovered.

     “Your probably too young to know why unless you think about it real deep.” MunDon thought for a second. “It happened almost fifteen years ago. Another death just like this one. I wonder if they are connected – or just similar!”


     All the prisoners had been kept for centuries deep beneath the surface of PatWuta. MunDon impatiently waited for CacSic. Finally, he got there. CacSic sat down in the moveable bolted down chair opposite MunDon. “Why did you call me here.”

     “There’s been another mysterious death.” MunDon didn’t take his eyes off of CacSic.

     “I always said I didn’t kill her.” CacSic leaned back in his chair with a big smile on his face. “Do you know who did them yet.”

     “According to the Memory Implant you did it.” MunDon pushed his feet on the table in front of them after he put them up there.

     “Now you know I didn’t. What I want to know is what took whoever the killer is so long to kill again?” CacSic said then asked.

     “I haven’t declared you free from the first one. This one might look like your, but that doesn’t mean it is yours.” MunDon got up and headed for the door. “It could have been a buddy of yours trying to clear you.”

     “Why would they wait so long to do that?” CacSic got up too – to stretch.

     “That I don’t know yet. Once I do I will let you know.” MunDon left.


     MunDon went back to Central Command. By the time he got there JaiGia had been brought in. They sat across from each other in a similar room, but slightly bigger, that MunDon left a few hours ago.

     “What can I do for you today MunDon?” JaiGia sounded very brave considering the conditions she found herself in.

     “I want you to tell me all that you can remember from the night your friend NoiSio got killed.” MunDon pushed a button in front of him. On a monitor on the edge of the table between them three straight lines appeared. They would change once the talking began. “I hope you don’t mind if I record this do you?”

     “It really wouldn’t matter if I did would it?” JaiGia had been staring at that monitor ever since it got turned on.

     “Tell me everything you know about that night.” MunDon leaned forward.

     JaiGia thought about that. “I can’t remember.”

     “Sure, you do. It’s in your memory implant. You were born with it. It gave you all the knowledge of PatWuta up until your birth. All you have to do is recall it.” MunDon looked at the monitor.

     “I don’t have my implant any more. It got removed when I turned twenty-five.” JaiGia showed MunDon her scar.

     “So, you’re one of those people. There are a lot more people doing that nowadays.” MunDon didn’t appear happy. “What about the five years before that?”

     “I’ve gotten several Career Implants since I turned twenty.” JaiGia.” MunDon kept his eyes on the monitor.

     “I’ll wager almost anything that you removed it about fifteen years ago – right?” JaiGia didn’t respond. “That’s what I thought.” MunDon pick up a box about the size of the monitor, only shorter, from the chair next to him and put it by the monitor.

     JaiGia seemed worried. “What’s that?”

     “It’s a shared memory device. With it I can see what happened to you that night.” MunDon smiled.


     An hour later MunDon solved another mysterious death. JaiGia killed NoiSio, and made it look like CacSic did it. One of her Career Implants happened to be Implant Control. With that knowledge she could make any Implant display whatever she wanted it to show. “I’m sure with a little more investigating I will solve your latest killing too.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2066966