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Most SpaceVillains are bad. But not all if them. This is the story about one of them.

Why Can’t a SpaceVillain be Good

     ‘What am I doing here. I’m not an official SpaceVillain. My mother is.’ Zoria looked around the room. ‘I can’t believe how many there are here.’ Sitting at round and oval tables with two to six chairs sat some of the worst SpaceVillains in the universe.

     Zoria sat in a large movable chair on a raised platform. She looked on each side of her. There sat two SpaceVillains. “Why am I here?” Zoria addressed her question to the man on her right.

     Belleam looked at Zoria. “You are here because of your mother.”

     “Where is my mother?” Zoria scanned everyone there. “I don’t see her.”

     “She should be here at any time.” Kelovi sat next to Zoria on her left.

     Just then the overhead lights dimmed. Except the ones against one bare wall. Suddenly a female descended. She laid flat against it with her arms stretched out to her sides. Morgane represented a giant letter ‘T.’

     On top of Morgane’s head held a gold trimmed clear bowl with wires sticking out of it. Most of the wires stuck straight up, but some hung down to two large monitors on either side of her. Morgane’s feet dangled a few inches from the floor.

     ‘That’s my mother.’ Zoria looked at first Belleam then Kelovi. “What is my mother doing up there?”

     It’s Belleam who answered Zoria. “Your mother is here because she is a good SpaceVillain.”


     Kelovi stood behind a raised tabletop. She spoke to the group in front of her. “We are here today to pass judgement on Morgane for not being a bad SpaceVillain. For the past thirty years she has had numerous failures. A few of those Agents can be blamed for, but most can’t.”

     “We all have had to investigate her after a failure. Who better to decide her future than those who discovered why she failed. I got selected to check her out about Voron. Morgane had a weapon she was going to use to dry up all the water on that world. The weapon failed, and the guy who invented it disappeared.”

     Zoria thought to herself. ‘I made the weapon look like an unrepairable failure. I’m also the reason why no one has seen the inventor since then – I gave him a new identity and a different face.’


     Belleam stood behind the hovering tabletop in front of his chair now. The one in front of Kelovi just finished lowering itself onto the legs. “As we discuss the fate of Morgane you can see our investigation on the monitors on both sides of Morgane’s body.

     “I checked out Morgane when she threatened to use missiles to destroy the planet of Louia if she didn’t get what she wanted. She didn’t get it. So why didn’t she destroy that planet?”

     ‘My mother did try to destroy that world. She fired those missiles, but the Vorons had a weapon to destroy them. I know exactly how they knew about the missiles – I told them.’


     Yeanon stood behind the floating table. He held a small hand size box to his mouth. After he finished his speech, or any other speaker, he puts the Voice Box back on the floating tabletop face down. Once down it became part of it again.

     “I investigated her when she tested a new weapon against the planet of Gelon. The weapon was a complete success. Yet she never used it against the Gelons.”

     Zoria thinks a lot. She thinks more than she speaks. ‘Because she only tested it on Gelon. She never intended to use it there, but she did plan on using it on other planets. I was with her when she made those plans. The weapon overloaded and exploded before she would use it. At least that’s what I told her.’


     The next one to address the group stood in front of Belleam. After she hesitated for another few seconds she began with a big sigh.

     “You all know me. I’m Traima, and I started checking out Morgena for this failure after the weapon designer got caught with another SpaceVillain. Like Morgena he used a secret on him to force him to create a weapon for her. She got what she wanted. Then she let him go.”

     ‘I asked her to do it. I’m the reason she had a secret on him. We fell in love with each other. I was just supposed to get close enough to learn his secret, but it got more complicated than that.’


     Annicanda stepped up onto the platform. When she got there she touched the center of it. The Voice Box came up. Annicanda picked it up, and placed it near her mouth. Each speaker did that with the Voice Box.

     “I think I had one of the hardest investigations to check out. It all started after the total destruction of Iloneg. Which doesn’t sound a failure, but it is because that planet shouldn’t have been destroyed like that. At first I thought I was going to congratulate her on a victory. Then I found out she only destroyed Iloneg by accident. That makes it a failure.”

     ‘I am the reason it was an accident. What I tried to do was stop it, but I ended up destroying everyone on that planet instead.’


     Rictar sat toward the end of the platform – in the back of that room. It took him a minute to get up there. Everyone who investigated Morgena stood in front of Belleam or Kelovi behind a tabletop.

     “The planet of Eivan had one of the largest veins of Xoin in this Sector. Xoin is worth a fortune on a lot of planets. Only one origination controlled all the Xoin there. All Morgena had to do was takeover that origination. She tried to do that, but failed.”

     ‘I kind of remember that one. I’m just not sure how I stopped it. What I think I did was contacted the Locals, The Law, the Law Enforcers etc. to stop it. All I had to do was make sure my mother got out of there before they got there.’


     Deonic looked out at the group. Then at the dark monitors. With a pushed of the button on the side of the Voice Box they turned back on.

     “Morgena had placed SpaceBombs in all the major cities on Porvim. Once all were checked Morgena contacted everyone on that planet with her demands. She even set off a couple of them on small inhabited island cities to prove her power. Even with that proof the Porvims refused to submit. I was chosen to find out why she didn’t fire off those SpaceBombs.”

     ‘I can tell you why. It’s because those bombs weren’t active. That included the ones she set off. She did set them off, but there were no inhabitations who died. Her big mistake was putting me in charge of the SpaceBomb checks.’


     Hillina had already begun her speech to the group. As she gave it almost everyone there kept watching the monitors instead of her. “Morgena is a Weapons User. She preferred to use a weapon. Sometimes it’s a known weapon, but usually it’s one she had done special.”

     “She also liked to test her new weapon before using it. I was with her one time when she tested it against the planet of Neavath. That’s probably why they asked me to investigate when the weapon test failed.”

     ‘That weapon failed because of me. Not only did I make it fail I had to make sure it looked like an unfixable design failure.’


     WoDec’s an alien. About half of them there represented the aliens of the universe.

     “Forim was a well-known Scientist in this Sector of Space. He had knowledge of several sciences. Most of his scientific work happened on, and around, the planet of Orloc. Forim suddenly disappeared one day. No one knew where he was for three years – except for Morgena. She somehow found out his secret, and used it against him. Morgena had him create a chemical weapon she planned on using on Orloc. He did create that weapon, but she never used it.”

     ‘I’m the one who discovered his secret. When I found out what my mother was planning to do I stopped her from using it.’


     Cevie also sat in the back of that room, but she sat toward the center. So it didn’t take her as long to get to the front platform.

     “I had a very difficult investigation too. Mine also involved total destruction of a planet, but Morgena didn’t cause it. A Super Villain did. Who died in the disaster. Morgena just came in and tried to take advantage of the situation with the population still there. She thought they would be easy to control, but she failed at that.”

     Zoria remembered Jornan. ‘I didn’t have to do too much to cause that Master Plan to fail. The Jornans weren’t as dead as everyone thought. Of course, I caused it to fail, But I wasn’t the only one.’


     The hovering tabletops moved over under Zoria’s outstretched arms. With the help of those tabletops she moved to the edge of the platform. She hovered a few inches above it on lifeless legs. Belleam and Kelovi stood on either side of her.

     “Do you know what a SpaceVillain is?” That question came from Belleam.

     “A SpaceVillain isn’t a Villain born in Space. They are called that because they have the whole universe to cause trouble in.” Zoria addressed her answer to the group.

     “You have been working with your mother for the last thirty years haven’t you?” Kelovi asked.

     “Actually, it’s been almost forty years since I started helping out my mother.” Zoria replied. “Why are you asking me all these questions.”

     “Because it’s about time you left your mother’s side and became a SpaceVillain too.” Belleam answered that question.

     “There are over one hundred SpaceVillains here today, and each one of them had a failure that your mother commented. They started with a Statement. Then went on into their investigation.” Kelovi asked Zoria, “How do you think this discussion would end?”

     ‘You mean you haven’t made up your mind before this even began?’ Thought Zoria, but to the group she said, “I can’t answer that – she’s my mother.”

     “Some here think that you are really the one behind all of these failures.” Belleam said.

     ‘If that’s true then why do you want me to be a SpaceVillain.’ Zoria thought.

     Suddenly Morgena spoke for the first time. “My daughter isn’t at fault. I am. All the failures that have come out today I did.”

     “That sounds like a admission to me.” Kelori replied. “The only thing left for us to do is to pass judgement.

     Everyone there, except Zoria and Morgena, pushed a button on the other side of their Voice Boxes, but it didn’t turn on the monitors. It sent electricity threw Morgena. After a few seconds of that she died.

     “Why did you do that?” Zoria asked. “You didn’t have to do that.”

     “Your mother admitted to being a good SpaceVillain.” Belleam said.

     “There is no such thing as a good SpaceVillain.” Replied Kelovi.

     “There’s only one way for a SpaceVillain to no longer be one, and that’s death.” Belleam said.

     “Didn’t your mother ever tell you that?” Kelovi said.

     ‘I am officially a SpaceVillain now, and I am a good one. After almost ten years of watching, and helping, my mother with her evil Master Plans I decided it had to stop. That’s my I have made all of her plans fail – including the ones the Agents stopped. Who do you think contacted them?’

     ‘After what you have done to my mother you are going to find out there are good SpaceVillain out there. I’m not going to stop until all of you are just as good as I am – if not even better.’

The Word Count for this story, including the title, is 1993.

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