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Viking poetry

Though a thousand years aye, a thousand thousand years may pass,
Deep in the blood I here the call, the call of the ancestors
The call of the warrior, the call of the defender, the call of the blood red rage
Though a thousand wounds cut and tear and burn
No pain, nothing to discern but the call of the Howling Wolf warrior
As a rage against the modern day mounts.
All hidden inside.

A thousand years have passed since the Men of the North came a howling
From the fields of ice and snow.
A thousand years since the ax and sword and spear rang 'pon the shield
A thousand years since the ancestors cried and bayed and shook the foundations of the world.
A thousand years since the ships of the dragon came roaring form the North
All hidden deep inside.
Blood calls to blood, ancestor to descendant, soon will it be time again?

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