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"The Magical World of Toming" is a book. But it's more than just a book though.

The Magical World of Toming

     Jaisom appeared nervous as he sneaked his way along a row of buildings. Keeping within the shadows as much as possible. Even then he darted his head one way or another every few seconds. ‘I know you are watching me.’

     Hanni did watch him, but not from the direction he had been looking. She peered down at him from the top of the building with Extended Eyes. “So far you are doing just as planned.”

     Suddenly Jaisom stepped on a small twig. It screamed. “Sorry about that. It’s dark out here.”

     Jaisom continued on, but a lot more careful where he stepped now. After another minute or two he reached the end of those buildings. He scanned the road in front of him. There’s no Transports coming from either direction. ‘This time of night I’m not surprised about that.’

     Before he left the shadows behind Jaisom took a peek around the corner of that building. After making sure there’s no one there he headed for the building across the road. As he ventured on he saw the brick walls on either side of the steps leading up to the front entrance. On both sides it said, ‘Book Safety Society’ in big letters. Underneath those titles both had ‘We challenge you to read a classic at least once a week.’

     Hanni no longer crouched just above Jaisom. She crawled her way across the roofs to the end of those buildings. With her Extended Eyes Hanni could see Jaisom reach the other side of the road. “I didn’t think he would do it, but he is.”

     Jaisom didn’t go up to the front entrance. Instead he sneaked his way to the side of that building – and started checking out all the windows. They appeared to be locked, but about halfway down he found one unlocked. After he touched the glass it cracked completely then disappeared. ‘I didn’t expect this to be so easy.’

     She couldn’t follow Jaisom from where she happened to be. So Hanni went to the far end of that building on the same side as Jaisom. “I still can’t see him. Can you.”

     A faint female voice could barely be heard coming from small squared boxes connected to Hanni’s ears. It belonged to Silba. “I can see him. He’s about to enter the building.”


     When Jaisom dove through that opened window he hit his head on the hard floor. After falling over Jaisom got into a seated position – and patted his head. ‘Good, no blood.’

     Jaisom got to his feet and scanned the room he stood in – without moving his head. Then he produced a see-through diagram of that place with his mind. It appeared in front of him. After studying it he pointed at one part of it. ‘That’s my final destination.’

     “what’s…” Jaisom suddenly stopped talking out loud. ‘I can’t do that. If I do the sensors will go off.’

     As Jaisom studied the diagram he thought, ‘What’s the best, and fastest, way to get to that book.’ After looking at it a little longer he nodded his head – once.

     Jaisom tapped the side of his head – and the diagram disappeared. He moved out. Like the outside he proceeded with caution. Staying in the shadows Jaisom carefully headed for the only exit there.

     There’s around a thousand book in almost every room there. Each one encased behind glass, and they’re about an inch tall – half an inch wide. Jaisom accidently bumped one of them. The glass disappeared, and the book became full size. Touching the book in its center returned it to its display. Without any more problems Jaisom got out of there.


     A door slid open, and a few seconds later Jaisom enter cautiously. It’s a small room. Within it there’s only one book, and it’s already full sized. Like the one he accidently hit it hovered at eye level. At the moment it’s a few feet above Jaisom, but as he approached it the book lowered itself to Jaisom’s average ten-year-old height.

     ‘According to legends Toming got cursed by a SpaceWizard for pretending to be one. He got turned into this book. To prove he was magical Toming wrote down all that he knew within that book.’ Jaisom looked down at that book, and the title of it. It said, ‘The Magical World of Toming.’

     ‘This isn’t a classic. So what is it doing here? According to legend it got sealed in here to protect the world from it. No one can take any book from there – especially that one. If they do, they will die instantly.’ Jaisom always believed the first part of that, but not the last.

     Jaisom carefully opened the book. After flipping through some pages, cautiously, Jaisom finally found what he had been seeking. His lips moved as he read something from that page, but he didn’t say anything.

     Once he finished reading it with his eyes closed several times he closed the book. Then he touched its center to shrink it. Jaisom put in his pocket, and he left quickly.


     As soon as Jaisom climbed out of the window the book popped out of the pocket on its own, and became full size again. Suddenly it burst into ashes then floated to the ground. “What am I going to do now? Without that book I can’t join The Mystic Club. I also can’t return it before anyone finds out it’s missing either.”

     Just then Jaisom smiled. ‘I can protect myself after all.’ He recited what he had read from the book. When he did he also turned into ashes too.

     Hanni stood next to Silba on top of the building across from Jaisom. “That’s another pest who thinks he wants to be a Wizard like us.”

     Using their Extended Eyes, they could see the book of Toming return to its resting place – very much intact. “There’s another pest almost as bad as Jaisom. When can we eliminate her too?”
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