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could you pass the training?
The dust kicked up as the helicopter touched down. As if on a trigger a door opened on the side of the aircraft and Without so much as a spoken word Several forms emerged and moved from the aircraft, forming a circular formation around the vehicle. Once these figures reached a certain distance, they took a knee. One of the members of this team gave the pilot thumbs up, and it began to power up to take off.
Just as the aircraft began to get the power required to get off the ground, a shot bounced off the metal skin of the aircraft, which caused the forms to collapse to the ground and began returning fire. The helicopter ascended as quickly as it could back into the sky, getting to a place of safety, while the forms surrounding the craft advanced their position towards the direction of the shot.
The dust from the aircraft quickly settled back down. The Marines that emerged from the aircraft were advancing on the building where the shot came from. While one group moved, the other part of the group fired towards the targets.
The building was being riddled with bullets from the marines weapons as they advanced on the building. After a short time they reached the small structure and busted down the one and only wooden door on the building, only to find a remotely controlled rifle of some kind, with only one round casing on the ground, it was obvious it was out of ammo.
Hanging from the tripod it rested on was a small speaker, attached to a small voice recorder with a piece of paper sitting on it that said simply, “Play me!” One of the marines reached out and pushed the play button only to hear the laughter of their company gunnery sergeant followed by a brief message.
“very good marines,” the voice mocked them,” I congratulate you all upon finding this location, and yes you have your objective. While you may think you have won the day, I can assure you that you have not won.”
A silence sat heavy in the air for a moment before the recording continued.
“If you look beneath this tripod you will see a box,” he instructed them,” Open it!”
One of the Marines reached down and opened it, suddenly there was a flash of light, which blinded each and everyone of the marines in the room.
“What you triggered was a 25 ton nuclear bomb… and you are all dead!” the voice paused again,” Congrats on fine work. But you all need more practice.”
The recording was followed by another series of laughter.

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