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Don't let the title fool you. This isn't really about a dog - or is it?

It’s a Dog’s Life

     “Get in here – now.” Doriven shouted out the door of his one big room house. “If you want to eat tonight you have one minute to get home.”

     About three minutes later two pairs of legs came running toward the house. By the time they got there the door had gotten closed again – and they ran right into it. From inside they heard the faint voice of their master. “I told you to hurry. You only had a minute to get here to eat. Whatever you too were up to, and I probably don’t want to know, you didn’t get here in time. So no food tonight.”

     They just stood there for several minutes. Then they turned and slowly walked away. “You thought he was going to let us in after all. Didn’t you?” That voice belonged to Killome.

     “I knew he wouldn’t, but for your sake I hoped he would.” Wallian patted Killome’s belly. “You are about to have a baby.”

     “It’s all your fault we didn’t get home in time.” Killome pushed his hand away. “You were too busy getting to know that other female to hear our Master calling.”

     They both walked in silence toward the corner of the back yard. Finally, it’s Wallian who talked first. “I wouldn’t be spending so much time with other females if you hadn’t cut me off from sex when you ‘accidently’ became a woman.”

     “I only did that because I lost our last three babies thanks to complications.” Wallian could hear Killome starting to whimper. “It’s not that I don’t want sex, I do, but I’m not going to risk losing another child.”

     “That’s not my fault. I have needs – and if I can’t get it from you I will from someone else.” Wallian thought about that for a second. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be talking like that.”

     Wallian and Killome sat down in the corner edge of the wooded fence. They brought their legs up for added warmth. “It’s cold out here tonight. I worry about my baby in weather like this.”

     “So do I, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” Wallian pulled Killome closer to him.

     “You could create another hole in the door.” Killome started shivering.

     “The last time I did that he beat us nearly do death.” Wallian sounded scared. “With or without the food he could have at least let us in from the cold – especially you. He does know you are having a baby – right?”

     “I’m seven months alone. Of course, he knows. He just doesn’t care.” Killome still shivered, but not as much now.


     Doriven leaned back in his chair and put his feet up. He contined watching The Entertainment Box, but kept sneaking a peek out the window at his two pets. “Maybe I should have let them come in for the night.”

     ‘I should have at least given Killome something to eat. I’m sure it’s Wallian who made them late getting home tonight.’ Doriven thought about that as he stared at them.

     ‘The weather is only going to get worse. Even if Killome wasn’t with child I need to do something before it get too cold out there.’ Doriven tried to concentrate on The Entertainment Box, but his eyes kept wandering toward them.

     Doriven just saw Wallian take off his Outer Clothing and put it around Killome. He’s now the one shivering - a lot. With a big sigh Doriven got up and went out to talk to his pets.

     “I’m still not going to feed you tonight – Wallian, but it’s too cold for you to stay out here.” Doriven and Wallian helped Killome get up. Then they all walked back into Doriven’s house.

     As he approached his home Doriven thought to himself while looking at it. ‘I still can’t believe humans on Collus built that house of mine several thousand years ago.’


     During the next three months Doriven let his pets stay inside at night. They still spent most of their daylight playing outside – especially Wallian, but at night they got out of that cold weather.

     After another couple of months Killome had her baby. She had a little girl. They named her Sorina. Over the next few months it got hard for Doriven. His pets had to stay inside during the daytime a lot more because it’s Storm Season on Collus. Not only did they have to deal with the bitterly cold weather – but they had storms to make it worse.

     Doriven had a big problem once the Cold Season ended. Now it’s the Hot Season he had to deal with. He knew that Wallian and Killome would be coming and going a lot more now – day and night. Doriven didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he knew he had to do something. Then one day he saw a Business Message appear on The Entertainment Box.

     A couple of weeks later he had a Pet Door put in. Doriven had a business of his own. It’s a Wealth Finder. Which he could do from his house. After the break-up of his latest Lover Doriven felt lonely. On advice from his Mind Master he got a pet. Only the one he fell in love with at first sight happened to be part of a pair. So he got both of them about a year ago. Now he started wondering why he did it.

     ‘What am I going to do? There isn’t enough room for three of us, and now there are four. I have no choice. I’ve got to find another place to live. Hopefully one that isn’t only one room.’ Doriven thought that while watching Killome feeding Sorina.


     A couple of months later Doriven had another big problem to deal with. When he called Wallian and Killome in to be feed that night three of them came running in. “Oh great. Don’t tell me I have another human female to take care of now.”

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