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How to be confident at the Apocalypse!
"I like chocolate," Cam looked out his scope.
There was another bombing run due .
"Yeah." Becky took a deep breath and squeezed off
a barrage of missals. The sky turned pink.
"That was a relief .." Cam spoke too soon as the ground
shook from the fire bombing.

"I think there's some chocolate milk in the fridge." Becky remarked.
Becky liked to nibble on saltines the crumbs collected in her cleavage.
She was a busty girl with no inhibition for clothing.
Today, was a fishnet day with a lace nylon tog.
Cam liked to work out on his six pack abs and muscular figure.
He liked to wear a tank top and boxers.

"I need to drop a log." Cam said.
Becky checked the scope and squeezed off more missals.
"A bird sanctuary .. That's what we are." Becky's voice trailed off.
"Wha?" Cam was on the chemical toilet.
"We're dying off. Just us birds in a cage left." Becky retracted the scope.
She stared at the blinking lights on the control panel.

"More like squirrels, playing with our nuts." Cam pulled his boxers up.
Becky stretched revealing her hour glass figure.
"I like the Moon tonight." she yawned.
A cloud made a smoky Moon with a column of vapor rising over it.
Cam walked up behind her and stuck his arm between her thighs
and waved.
Becky giggled, "Let's have a baby."

He laughed silently, "Where will we put the crib?"
Becky smirked and looked back at the red Moon,
"On the dark side of the Moon."
Cam kissed her. The bunker shook.
It was a heavy nuke.



Cam and Becky made love.
Becky remembered the garden behind the tenaments
and how she would pleasure herself there on a warm night .
She could hear the sea rushing in at high tide in her childhood.
Her body tingled as the musk of moss and brine filled her memories.

Cam caressed her.
He had never known the green world before the war.
His life was underground and severe.
He witnessed cullings of surplus population.
The weak were eaten.. or used for fertilizer.

There was a blessing of stored food.
Cam was a stud and had his pick of food and women.
Becky was a prized mate; without any radiation sickness.
Her skin was smooth and her hair red and vibrant.
Cam wished for a strong son to defeat the enemy.

"This war is won. I think we should ask for a farm." Cam said.
Becky arched her back and ran her hand gently over Cam's beard.
"Do you believe in the Gods?" she queried.
Cam was puzzled by this question, " We are the chosen children of Zeus."
Becky twisted her red hair through her fingers.

"Why do the Gods allow so much evil?" she smiled.
Cam sat up quickly and looked down her.
She as beautiful as the Goddess Venus.
"Do you question the will of the Gods?" Cam asked ..
Blasphemy meant death.

Becky shook her head no and caressed her man.
Cam felt uneasy and stepped back.
"I am a soldier of the Gods." he said firmly.
He held out his pendent to Hera which never left his neck.
"And I am a daughter of Alcemene .." Becky held her pendent.

"Our children will have the strength of Hercules!" she shouted.
Cam looked sternly at his mate, "By the Gods!"
He took her passionately.
They wrestled about the bunker in love and war.
Lightning broke the night as if the Gods were with them.


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