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A poem to remind ourselves not to become complacent or forget to use our voice.
Last night I dreamt of shadows,
and what hides in dark--and light.
How things aren't always what they seem,
regardless of if they're in--or out--of sight.

Last night I dreamt of secrets,
those making us prisoners to pain.
As binding in their memory and fear,
as any iron chains.

Last night I dreamt of silence,
the cowed silence that we keep.
All the things we should, but dare not say,
stolen while we sleep.

Last night I dreamt of screams,
cries desperate to be heard but never voiced.
Choked to whispers by complacency,
as though we had no choice.

Last night I dreamt of fire,
kindled by a single spark.
A reminder, that if nurtured,
flame by flame we overcome the dark.
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