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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Death · #2067427
The story of your average teenage goth/emo girl.
Chapter 1
"Death. It is beautiful, it is painful, but most of all it is life. It is life's undoing and life's end. Death is what makes humans human, death is what makes immortals mortal. Death is everywhere, they say someone dies every minute around the world. Death is death and there is no other name.
After death is your choice. Heaven or Hell. The Underworld. Nothing. Peace. Every death is different for every person. There are many different ways of death. Heartbreak, disease, suicide, homicide, age, drowning.
Heartbreak might be one of the worst death's, it is also one we know all to well. Disease is painful and torturing and will consume you till it's host is no more. Suicide is a lie, it's not the person dying killing them self, it's the people around them and the feelings that they have brought. Suicide is murder. Homicide is simple, driven by anger, revenge, even love. Homicide isn't just being crazy, it's having a heart filled with determination towards what they believe is their purpose. Age is just age, nothing special. everyone dies at a certain age, young or old, youthful or weary, it's all the same in this lifeless cruel game. Drowning is hands down the worst death. You can't breathe, think. All that you know is fear and suffering, you know it's the end and have no hope left. Drowning is taking life out with one of life's most important needs.
Death is beautiful, it shows how we all have a beginning and an end. It shows that we all have our flaws and that we are not immortal. We are nothing but a plan, nothing but a life, nothing but a soul. We will not live forever, we will die and it will be beautiful, because then it will show how important our life is. With remembrance and tears we will all raise our flag."
Silence was all that followed Jupiter's speech. They were sharing their passion projects today. She had chosen the concept of death, she knew everyone died at some point. She also thought that death was beautiful, she was very passionate about it. She felt close to death, it was her friend and her enemy at the same time. It helped her see what life was like.
"Thank you Jupiter for sharing your project." Jupiter knew Mrs. Resnik was telling the truth. Mrs. Resnik wasn't smiling and had tears in her eyes, but she was proud nonetheless. Her hopeless mute had finally spoken and it had scared her. Death was something Mrs. Resnik knew well about and thought it was interesting someone was actually passionate about it. She was filled with wonder, fear, and pride that Jupiter had finally spoke.
The bell rang it's earsplitting ring. The students were off to lunch with Jupiter being the last one out. Jupiter's acquaintances were waiting for her in the usual corner. "Trash Corner" as the popular ones called it, Jupiter always laughed at the fact that they thought they were trash. Saying that her and her acquaintances were trash was just like nerds calling jocks trash. Meaningless. "So how'd it go?" Mercury was the first to speak, Mercury was the only one Jupiter really counted as a friend. They had known each other since birth. They both had a lot in common.
"It was delightful, nearly all of them looked like they had been slapped with death itself." Jupiter knew that Mercury was talking about the passion project, he had helped her gain the confidence to want to share it. He knew what it was about and her connection to it. He was proud of his friend, she wasn't out of her hundred layer shell, but she had actually spoken in front of people and that made him happy. "Hey 'Cury we need to talk after school." "Okay, seeya." Jupiter saw the blush creep up her friends face after Kyle left, Mercury had had a crush on Kyle since 6th grade. "Hey, earth to Mercury! You okay?" Terra was trying to get his attention while Jupiter was letting out an actual laugh.
No one had really touched their food except for Pluto, he had a few bites of a sandwich which was a stretch. Jupiter thought his parents had finally caught on to his anorexia. They didn't have a problem with eating it was just the fact that it was school food and that was worse than dirt. Instead of the bell ringing signalling lunch was over Mr. Tilli's voice spoke through the old speakers, "Excuse me but we will be having an emergency assembly right after lunch." Everyone was dumbstruck, emergency assembly? The bell rang and everyone stood up at the same time. They walked single file towards the auditorium like robots, except Jupiter and her acquaintances.

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