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In an instant I was lunged towards one side of the car,
Chapter seven

Kagura pulled me into an alley near by, where a car was waiting on the other side. Swiftly I was thrown into the vehicle and moving to a new place. My body trembled, I was thrown around the back seat quite frequently as Kagura rushed to his destination. After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at a small cabin. For some reason my heart started to relax as I seem this place, as if It was part of a distant memory my mind had forgotten but not my body.

The door flew open, hands quickly following. Being pulled into the cabin I squirmed, trying to escape. After a few moments my body went limp and my mind went blank. Fear had caused me to black out. Kagura moaned in disappointment, throwing my body onto a couch.

Lights darted passed my eyes, laying in the back seat of something I heard sobs coming from the front.

“Matsu; I’m sorry.” My mother wiped her tears as she drove “if I knew he was going to be like that I would of never stuck to tradition.”

“Mother?” I sat up, slowly leaning towards the front seat, a shot of pain raced through my body as I tried to move.

“Just rest baby; you’re never going to see that place again.” My mothers voice cracked.

In an instant I was lunged towards one side of the car, the sound of tired squealing was the last thing I heard.

My eyes opened faster than ever, a shiver ran through my whole body.

“Just a dream.” I sighed laying back down. I groaned while rubbing my face.

“So- you’re awake.” My body shot up to the voice I heard, in an instant I remembered what had happened to me. The panic grew inside. Kagura was sitting on the floor next to where I had been passed out. “I have spent quite a long time looking for you, Matsu.”

Kagura stood up, holding out his hand gesturing for me to take it. Looking at it a rock formed in my throat, his posture changed and for some reason looking at him was slightly calming. His usual stern aggressive looking self was standing before me holding out his hand with red from cheek to cheek. After a moment my rock cleared and a slight giggle snuck out.

“Whats so funny!?” His face grew even redder.

“Nothing.” I stuttered, slightly settled with his present self I cautiously took his offer, grabbing onto his hand. I hoped that nothing bad would come from my decision, but half of me felt like Kagura was acting and I was walking to my grave.

“This way.” He whispered, leading me outside, our pace was different. But once we had gotten outside I realized the way we had gotten here had gone missing. It didn’t take me too long to put two and two together and come to the conclusion our pace was much slower based on the fact the only way I had to leave here was on foot and I had no idea how to leave here as I was to fear stricken to pay attention on the drive here.

After a few moments we arrived at a lake, he let go of my hand, but continued walking towards the water. Kagura started to strip as he reached the shoreline. Once in his boxers he turned a bit to look at me.

“I don’t expect you to come in.” A slight smirk came a crossed his face. “But I can tell you this; if you run I wont be around to call off the security.” With that he jumped into the water and grew distant.

I decided to sit by a tree and wait. I didn’t like water all too much, well at least not deep water. I couldn’t swim very well. So unless I’m in a situation where there is shallow water. I tend to stick to the land. It was beautiful here, after I finally relaxed and took in my surroundings. You could hear birds from every direction, this place was untouched by civilization except for the cabin for quite a ways so it seemed. A chill ran through my body as the air started to cool off.I hadn’t noticed till now, but I was still in a dress and had nothing else to wear in order to keep warm. A few more hours went by, in the distance I noticed a small boat was coming towards me. It didn’t take long for it to become clear that it was Kagura on the boat. He approached waving his hand with a smile from ear to ear.

“Had to go down stream to rescue this baby.” He spoke while inspecting over the dingy. “Hop in!”

Reluctantly, I made my way into the boat, I felt slightly better though once I noticed the life jacket. Kagura pushed the boat away from the shore, then jumped in himself. We sat in silence as we paddled around. I couldn’t take my mind off of Donte, he must be so worried. The lake soon turned into a river as we went about. The water stayed pretty calm though.

“This is the healing river. It is a legend that if you soak a loved one who is on the verge of death in these waters, that it will heal all injuries and even bring you back from the dead.” He spoke setting down the paddles allowing the boat to drift with the current. “Although; from my research. It doesn’t work with someone who has been dead for some time.

Kagura slid towards me. Placing his hand on my knee he looked into my eyes. From his eyes I could tell he was hurting. We sat like this for a few minutes in continued silence.

“Kagura.” I murmured “I don’t understand any of this. You must have me mistaken for someone else.”

A slight puzzled look came a crossed his face from my words. He then stood up making his way behind me.

“Don’t panic.” His hands curled around the bottom of my shirt as he slowly pulled the back of it up. His hands were cold, they instantly caused goose bumps.

“Im not mistaken.” His voice grew faint as he set my shirt back down. “The mark on your back, It gives you away.”

“What mark?” I questioned him. I've never looked at my back before I never had a reason to. I tried to turn myself to view the mark he was talking about, but it was out of my view.

“The mark placed by your mother.” His voice grew sinister once again. “The mark that you are already married to someone of my family.”

The air became hard to breath, my body felt like it was going limp once again. What on earth was he talking about. After a few more hours of awkward silence we finally made our way back to shore. Slowly I followed Kagura back into the cabin. By no means did I want to stay here, but I also had no intentions of freezing to death.

He didn’t say much to me, just a few simple commands like “take a seat”. He lit a fire, gathering supplies to make some food. Once he had everything set and cooking Kagura made his way over to the couch I was sitting on. A tear rolled down my cheek as I thought of Donte. I thought of a few weeks ago, what Kagura had already done to me.

“Matsu?” A finger swiped my face, wiping the tear from my cheek. “I'm sorry for the things that I have done.” His voice was sincere, he didn’t say anything else after that but rested his head on my lap. A few moments passed until he got up. He made his way back over to the stove and continued to prepare something to eat. The rest of the night Kagura seemed to go about It like I wasn’t even there. Eventually I fell asleep, hoping this was all a dream.

I awoke to the smell of bacon, Kagura was wafting a plate under my nose. I quickly lunged up and grabbed the plate from him.

“Thank you.” I sighed, forcing out a small smile.

While eating I did a lot of thinking; I had so many things I wanted to ask Kagura. But quite frankly, I’m unsure how he would act and he does not seem like someone I should push. I decided to leave him be, perhaps he will take me home quicker, if I remain calm.

“I suppose you’re wondering when You can leave.” He glared at me,finishing his last bite before he continued. “When you agree to come back home-with me.” He let out a small chuckle, then pierced me with his eyes.

He looked confident that I would stay with him. I felt like my throat dropped out of my body, anger started to fill up in my stomach.

“Go home with you! “ I set down my plate, and walked over to the spot Kagura was sitting. “I can’t do that!” I clenched my fists while looking directly in his hate filled eyes.

Tears formed in the corners of my eyes as I tried to hide the anger I was feeling. Kagura stood up, silently he made his way out of the cabin. As he was about to walk out the door, he stopped looking back at me with a pained yet sinister look.

“You used to love me.” His voice cracked slightly, but he quickly vanished out the door.

Dazed by his comment I stood where I was for a moment or two. The once single tears in my eyes became streams, rolling down my face. In just two days I already yearned to be by Donte’s side, my mother and even to be annoyed by Evie. I collapsed, sobbing heavily. I hated myself for panicking on the way here, if I hadn’t of perhaps I could of escaped.After a while I stood up, whipping off my face. I crept over to the window, the sun was just starting to set. Any thoughts I had of escaping would have to wait till another day. The last thing I wanted to do was tread unknown territory in the dark. That and I still had no idea what Kagura meant by security.

I paced around the cabin. It was actually really small once I took the time to actually look it over. The only room off of the one I was in, was the bathroom. All in one room was the bedroom area,living and kitchen area. It was small but the things within it were beyond gorgeous. Even so; I was determined to make my escape. Tomorrow I will scope out the area and in a few days I will make my escape.

'Matsu." a familiar voice giggled my name from behind "Is my brother treating you alright?" quickly I spun to see Evie leaned against the wall smiling at me.
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