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1. lie. noun. an intentionally false statement. 2. verb. tell a lie or lies.
When is telling a lie acceptable? or could that never be so?
Is it much different from lying to yourself, and lying to a woe?
Does it mean something more, when you're lying to protect?
Or is it not ever okay, so it's lies that you neglect?

Lying to you, to me, to everyone.
How many people you see, that once you lie, the relationship is done?
Not many in this day and age, because we all seem to be lying.
Saying that we have no care in the world, but all yearning to inspire.
Having a desire to inspire says that you must have passion for it.
To have passion is to care for, why not just admit that you care for it?
Are we lying to seem cool to ourselves, or to those that are surround us?
Is it similar to the Santa Claus lie?
No one imagined the idea of Santa Claus as nothing more than a myth, the adults, they did it for us.
For us as children.
But, once we grew up, we knew that Santa Claus was a fairy tale.
Why do those buying the presents, setting it under the tree, the night before we can wake and see, feel the need to tell tales?

Animals have tails.
Do animals lie?
"No. they cannot speak." is what one would say.
However, if so is true how do one animal understand what another one say?
Did the thought of animals not being able to speak come from a liar?
Or, is it simply because that person did not have the knowledge?
Humans have a tail in the womb, and science tells us that we're animals, too.
Mostly alike to monkeys, for they have thumbs and can stand upright, too.
I'm not your average religious girl, but one would say,
"God created us all as is, therefore evolution can't be true, that's what the Bible would say."
And an atheist, maybe like you, would state that the Bible is a book of fairy tales in itself.
I guess it's up to every man to figure it out for himself.

Figure it out for yourself, what a lie means to you.
When a 3 year old kid lies and says hes 5, or that the sky isn't blue,
Do you take into consideration that he really don't know his age or his colors,
maybe he's colorblind or not good with numbers.
Or is it justifiable because he's a child?
The lies aren't big so would that fit into the category of a lie?
Whatever, this write is taking too much time.
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