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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2067614
An experimental book series, read along to a soundtrack for certain scenes and settings!
Retrieving the seed!

(Scene is read along to: Black Betty by Spiderbait!)

A futuristic 6 wheeled off-road vehicle comes flying through a large thicket growth, pursued by a group of enemy vehicles firing upon it with various energy and projectile weapons.

"I TOLD YOU WE WOULDN'T DIE!" Ash yelled excitedly as she hung off the back of the truck, returning fire.
" WHY DIDN'T WE USE THE SHIP?!" Jace yelled back.
" WHAT ABOUT A FASTER VEHICLE?!" jaced shouted frantically
" NO!!" Jace screamed angrily.
" WELL TOO BAD!" Ash yelled while laughing manically

"ASH!" Whittle yelled from the drivers seat, " THEY'RE FORMING A BLOCKADE AHEAD!"
"WELL WHAT ARE WE PACKING?!" Ash yelled between shots.
" A LOT!" Whittle yelled back.
" THEN USE IT!" Ash screamed as the lead enemy vehicle softly rammed the speeding truck.

The truck began jumping small logs and mounds as whittle slammed the pedal to the floor.
" OPEN IT UP, WHITTLE. COME ON!" Ash screamed as she climbed over the roll cage to the passenger seat.
whittle screamed in a fit of rage as sparks flashed from her hands into the steering console, The trucked violently lurched forward as the engine screamed louder!
The group of vehicles ahead began slowing down and grouping together to form a barrier.
" ASH!" Whittle yelled, " I SEE THEM, HANG ON" Ash yelled back as she pulled a joystick from under the dashboard.
With the press of a button, a hatch opened across the hood of the vehicle and a belt of rockets slid along it.

"ASH, WHAT ABOUT THE GAS BU..." But before whittle could finish Ash started launching the rockets at the blockade with hearty and maniacal laughter. As the the rockets raced towards the clearing, Whittle cut a left and hit the boosters, sending the truck into a rocket ride as the rockets hit a swamp gas bubble in the clearing.

"GAS BUBBLES!" Whittle shouted angrily, "WHAT NOW, YOU CRAZY BITCH?!" she continued shouting as the flames began to race along the sides of the truck. " WE'RE RIDING ON A GIANT BUBBLE OF EXPLOSIVE GAS, AND YOU JUST POPPED IT WITH A CLUSTER OF INCENDIARIES!" " WHAT THE HELL AR...", but before Whittle could finish again, Ash forcefully shifted the truck down a gear and hit the boost switch again, causing the truck to inch ahead of the encroaching flames. before Whittle could say anything else, ash leaned out the side of the truck and pointed her gun to the ground. " WHEN I SAY NOW GIVE IT EVERYTHING!"
Whittle quickly shifted up and flipped a switch, then placed her thumb over a button on the wheel. " NOW!" Ash yelled as she unleashed a volley of plasma at the ground, Whittle hit the button and sent the truck on one last rocket boost before a gas explosion sent the truck flying over the swamp.

(end music)

As they flew through the air, a ship zoomed up behind them and launched a grappling hook towards the air-born truck, scoring a direct hit on the top of the roll cage. within seconds the truck was reeled in towards the ship as it carried them away from the exploding swamp. As soon as they were a safe distance from the flaming swamp, the ship landed on a small landing pad in the middle of a sandy dune and lowered them down from the hull of the ship.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2067614