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Evicting an unwanted guest entry for the Writer's Cramp
"Hasta la vista, baby. We're done.

"I'm through with you, with this.

I'm sorry I made you welcome

With that not-so-harmless kiss."

"Hasta la vista, baby. Get lost,

You and your sickening way.

Depart now," I said with frost,

"I'm not letting you stay."

"Hasta la vista, baby. Goodbye.

Our time has run its course.

Don't come back to make me cry;

I'm ousting you with force."

"Hasta la vista, baby. So long.

You're too common for me.

My head is clear now. Just get gone.

I'm through with your misery."

The reply? " Don't be so smug.

You'll bring me home again.

I may be a loathsome bug

But you'll endure my pain."

"With my return I'll be bold

Bring aches and a brutal hack,

Sneezing, wheezing; I'm the Cold

And, baby, I'll be back."

"Hasta la vista, baby." Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, Terminator 2.

"I'll be back." Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, Terminator.

24 lines

Prompt: Use either “Hasta la vista” or “I’ll be back”

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