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An experience of an holiday in Butterworth with my family.
Ah,relaxing. As I have thought of something to be done here,at Butterworth. I was currently in my room,facing upwards of my room's ceiling. Choosing what I am supposed to do best during this time of enjoyment,it would be much better if I chose to go to the seafood restaurant,as savouring myself with some sizzled fish head and a bowl of tomyam soup. It was a great mix together. My parents were out to buy some food (but not the seafood I demanded). They decided to buy fried rice and a bowl of bitter gourd soup. Before they were back,I was in charge of my two brothers and my sister. They were screaming and playing in the room next to me. Although they might be noisy,it actually makes the surroundings much more enlightened.

While they were busy with their business,I ran through my IPad to check out for some notifications and news. They model I bought was IPad mini,which was quite mobilized. After checking some news,I begun playing some games like Candy Crush to fill my boredom. After that,my parents were back with the foods in their hands. The time was eleven,which is still morning and we had not ate our breakfast yet. I reached for my siblings to invite them to have breakfast together with me and my parents.

I and my brothers helped my father to unwrapped the foods while my sister lend a hand to my mom on preparing sauces. I arranged the plates and spoons and forks together. Soon,everything was done. We sat down and started to eat. My sister ate her favorite food,which is some mashed potatoes with a special sauce applied on top of it. Me and my brothers had friend rice mixed with fried chicken,to enchanted the flavor. Besides that, my parents bought some fruits to be eaten after finishing our meals.

We cleaned up right after breakfast. We worked together as a family,a chore to be done together. My siblings went to continue playing chasing in their room while my parents sat down on the sofa at the living room. I took an apple and ate it to rinse my mouth from the stains of fried rice flavor from my tongue. Then, my parents went to sleep so to have some rest after a long journey outside. My siblings went quiet suddenly caused of fatigue after playing a lot. They also slept from tiredness on the bed,in a general way.

Not long,I chose to sleep for a while to replenish my energy because we were going to start a barbecue party at evening. We took a power snooze and woke up to prepare for the barbecue party. I guide my younger siblings of age 6 to go to bath in shower. I joined in because I am worried that he might not able to switch the temperature of the shower. I helped applying some body shampoo on his body and scrubbed his back,as he do the same on my back as an appreciation. My brother,Albert,rinse through the shower and wiped himself with a towel,as I do so the same. My younger brother who was about to reach his teen years was aged 13, named Chester. Mike went for his clothes and I,too, wore my clothes after. My mom always pampered my youngest sister because she was the only female amongst us. Doris was her name and my mom kept being busy to clean her up as she was so notorious to take a shower.

I went to woke my father up. My father was a very busy man indeed but always lacks of adequate sleep due to his endless job work, to finish his report before deadline. My mom was just a little different from my dad. She was rather kind but somewhat lazy to attend for work. That does not mean she was a weak person in character,she is confident in teaching us characters values and giving criticism to wake us from mistake. She was cool sometimes but also short tempered. I remembered once when I was 10,I messed up her cosmetics and applied her lipstick on my lips without her permission. She was so angry with me and she punished me using a bamboo-made cane. It was an unforgettable experience. In contrast, my dad symbolizes as the family's "Superman". He was capable of doing carpenting works and always solve the problems in my math homework.

He may be quite strict sometimes when my brothers ran around and hit his most admirable vase. Me and my brothers broke it and it made him mad. He reprimands us but do not use his fist to educate us. He was also kind of smart. He can answer every problems that I asked without second thought. I liked the way my dad acts when he was reading his newspaper,he always crosses his legs and mumble while he reads. His face was chubby. I had a wonderful family.
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