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by Amanda
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Short sample of science fiction writing for a ghostwriter job.
Scenario: Man watches nuclear explosion from mountain top as it levels a city.

         He expected a deafening noise with the blindingly light. The absolute lack of sound, the feeling of a vacuum pull, was the only accompaniment. He was torn between slamming his eyes shut and forcing them open. The white and yellow grew and bubbled up and out. The city was consumed. Already he ached to see what would be left. Would there be silhouettes or just nothing? Would anything remain? His mind was already overlaying the fading memories of the vast city on top of the cloud of smoke and debris. There was no way to go back from this. There would be no redemption. The finality of it all, as the mushroom melted into a blob of nothingness, darkened his mind as lowered his head in sorrow.

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