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My emotions through my craft
When you see a picture of a dismantled corpse on a canvas do you think about the masked identity that created the image? Below, you will read about such an artist who has learned from her own creation, such as the qualities of freedom, expression, and therapy. These three traits are what influenced me to learn and grow as an artist.
After I started to develop my own artistic vision, I gained a sense of freedom. I had the ability to create my own world in whatever abstract piece I saw fit. For example, whether the goriest piece or the most beautiful lay on my canvas, the freedom of being able to imagine the outcome without consequences gave me the encouragement to move forward. Being free is an important quality just as expression is.
Expression is seeing my own views through an artistic way. An example would be, turning something negative into something positive. For instance, death can be turned into a beautiful piece which can symbolize a new chapter in life. Another example is one of my goals. To be able to express myself through murals, is a great tool to inspire others that dreams can come true. Expressing myself is the most important virtue along with dealing with my own personal issues. Let me explain further.
Through art, I’ve dealt with my own inner demons. I have shared my sorrows and sadness with my canvas and in the end I feel relieved from stress. Ever since I’ve started releasing my emotions using art, I feel more at peace. Some people write or talk to a counselor for their therapeutic release. For me, my art has become my own therapy sessions.
So, one again, as you gaze upon that gruesome painting, imagine the story behind the artists vision. My story began with the freedom of expressions as well as many therapy sessions to become the artist I am today. I have learned many life lessons along the way. The most valued would be to always stay true to myself. Art has guided me to see my own version of the world for what it can be rather than for what it is. My art is my voice and one day everyone in the world will hear me speak.
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