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a sprites journey to meet humans...52 week challenge... work in progress
Darian, a young sprite in Weldon forest, had woke up at the crack of dawn, and couldn’t for some reason get back to sleep. After a short time he got up and went out to greet the dawn with open arms. He was excited this day, as he had, at least in his mind, made a decision which would change his life for the good, forever, or so he thought it would.
He had to shield his eyes from the bright morning sunshine that poked through the forest canopy, as he is usually not up before midday. Once his eyes adjusted to the light he walked over to the next tree from his, a usual meeting spot for him and his friends, and waiting for Sarah to emerge from her tree and join him. There was a small wooden fence next to this tree, he jumped up on the fence and sat while waiting.
While he waited , his mind ran through the dangers and perils of his chosen path, mainly about how everybody from his family to his friends, even Sarah, said he shouldn’t do this trek, Most of them telling him how the Humans were not conducive to the survival of the magical races, as they no longer believed in the power.
Being deep in thought, Darian missed the door opening across from him, and Sarah, another young sprite, and one of his best friends, stepping out into the morning sunshine. After a brief stretch, she slowly meandered over to lean on the same fence that Darian sat upon deep in thought.
“Good morning Darian,” she spoke softly as she stood there.
Darian made no move to indicate whether he heard her or not, in fact he wasn’t even sure she was standing there.
“Darian!,” she screamed at the top of her voice, to which Darian then jumped nearly out of his skin, as the saying goes.
“Oh, sorry,” he said once his heart calmed down,” Good morning.”
“What’s wrong?” she asked, “You seem a million miles away.”
“Nothing is wrong,” Darian said as he hopped down off the top rail of the fence he was sitting on, which began to show signs of stress from his weight on it,” I was just thinking about my quest to see the humans.”
“That? Again?” she exclaimed,” I thought you gave that up.”
“Nope!” he answered her with a smile.
“Its dangerous,” she pleaded with him,” the humans have changed and aren’t the same people they once were.”
“But I am still interested in meeting them,” and he paused a second or two before continuing,” because, according to my mother my father was a human.”
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