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copy. verb imitate the style or behavior of. paste. verb. insert.
Do you know how it feels to be copy and pasted?
Everything about you, becoming them?
The way you walk, talk, dress..
The way you think, influencing the way that they think..
Can't you just be original?
Can't I just be me?

First you don't like me.
My natural is not straight enough for you..
But it's not curly enough either.
And you say I wear pants too much, not much girly like..
But tell me to not wear skirts either.
You say how I'm different..
And you just don't understand me.
Come around later..
"Hey Meek".

I look at you like you're crazy.
Last week, you mean mugged me..
Spread rumors and shamed me.
Threw dirt on my name..
I have never looked upon you as a friend,
However though, things will never be the same.

This week you're dressing more like me..
laid back and chilled.
Saying "no me importa" about everything..
trying to be zen, LIKE ME.
Listening to Travis Scott,
Now he puts you in a "good mood".
Asking me about drugs..
You're suddenly interested in the yellow xans and ecstasy blue.
This isn't really you..
To yourself, be true.

I feel copy and pasted..
And I hate it.
At the parties you're not really wasted..
you're just playing it.
Playing like your someone you are obviously not.
You're clearly not content with yourself..
Don't copy and paste me to make up for it.
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