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"My Biography"

My membership in WDC has been a wonderful help to my development as a writer. My accomplishments on WDC: I was promoted to preferred author status and received the Angel Army author of the month for December. I won first place in Lighthouse Poetry Contest, A Breath of Fresh Air; first place in Monthly Poetry Contest, Shining Holiday Lights; first place in May Challenge, The Love of a Puppy Dog; second place in Shadows and Light Poetry Contest, Winter White; first place in NAG Reviewing Contest for The Royal Curse by Cecilia Mar. honorable mention in Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest, All in a Day's Play; honorable mention in Sweetheart's Contest, Best Friends at Midnight; Shoutout in March Poetry Newsletter and March NAG Newsletter for Grandpa's Forum~~Libraries. My poem "Clear Shining" was featured in the April Poetry Newsletter. I completed the Newbies Academy Group Orientation Program. I was showcased in May by the Newbies Academy Group and Spotlight Reviewer for Power Reviewers Group. I was #2 of 100 top credited reviewers for WDC writing.com, #1 reviewer of 250 for WDC writing.com and #3 rater of 250 for WDC writing.com. Second place in reviewing contests. Nominated for 2016 Quills Best New Portfolio, 2016 Quills Best Medium Poem, 2015 Quills Best New Portfolio. I'm learning my way around WDC, earning MB'a and community points, and collecting images and signatures. I took a useful grammar class from New Horizons Academy. Lots of fun and very creative!

I have copyrighted and self-published a book of free verse poetry entitled Beyond the Lighted Path. In my book I invite you to walk in the moccasins of other people in a study of friendship. My book aims to answer this question: How do I become a good friend to those important to me? I plan to write another book and participate in reviewing the works of other writers. Writing is a thing of beauty and a joy forever~~words memorialized. Writing is important to society; writing is also my good friend.

I have an MS in Educational Administration, a BA in English, life teaching and administrative credentials. I have studied coursework in land use and environmental planning. I held a real estate license for 24 years. My focus in English was British Prose and Poetry, advanced grammar, composition and linguistics. I have a background in the instructional arena, as well as the business and school construction side of school districts. I was an administrator in a county schools office. I managed a nine district cooperative for program and financial compliance as a liaison for the State Department of Education in California.

Thirteen years as a classroom teacher allowed me to share my bundles of joy~~ creativity and critical thinking skills~~with primarily sixth graders. Please read my poem "Seeking Knowledge" in my portfolio for some thoughts on my outlook on education. For the record I am retired!I was co-editor of a children's literary publication for a school district. I wrote grants ranked in the top 1% of the applicants. I have been given several Editor's Awards on poets.com. I wrote Passions for Poetry for Blogit.com. I am affiliated with the Power Reviewers Group on WDC writing.com. I plan to begin entering writing contests on a regular basis. I am a member of Power Reviewers Group, the Shadows and Light Free Verse Group on WDC writing.com, Inquiring Minds Group, Newbies Academy Group, Dream Catchers Group and The Poet's Place.

I had a fabulous college experience and developed lifelong people skills. I was a piano accompaniest for a 101-voice men's glee club at San Diego State University, a member of Chi Omega, homecoming court attendant, sorority editor for the annual,~~Del Sudoeste, and a member of a young speakers bureau. I graduated with a BA in four years.

In high school I think I could be referred to as social. I was student body secretary, honor society president, cheerleader, and garnered four queenships my senior year, including the north/south Orange County football game south team quarterbacked by John Huarte, three years as piano accompaniest, and Bank of America music award. Many years later I still think about how fortunate I was to have positive educational experiences.

My daughter and son and family are my real blessings in life. They are wonderful people and my good friends today. Thank you, Lord, for all you've given to my family and me.
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