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what happen on a walk about is a life changing thing...52 week blog entry
It wasn’t long ago, that I decided to go on a great life trip, as I call it. Some aussies call it going on ‘walkabout’, other parts of the world has their own particular name for it as well as certain religious or life altering things that go on with it. Those things I am not quite sure about.
My first day of this great walk I was taking, was the hardest for me. Mainly because I left from my house and headed out from there, and I passed all the places and people I knew. I had walked about 13 or so miles the first day. Once the sun set and the darkness started rolling over me, I decided to stop for the night.
Since this is a journey of discovery, I had made no reservations for a hotel or even told any friends about staying at their houses. So I decided that to keep the experience where I needed it to be, I would stay in the woods and put myself as distant from distractions as I could. I found a bit of a wooded area away from the beaten path as I could get, set up a small camouflaged tent, had a bite to eat of food and dozed off to the most restful sleep I had in a number of months.
While I was in this sleep of the dead, I dreamed some very vivid, meaningful dreams. I had gotten into the habit of writing my dreams down in a notebook beside my bed, but in my preparations for this discovery trip, I left it beside my bedside so I was unable to write it down.
When I awoke the next morning, before dawn, I quickly lost the memory of the dream, the only part I remembered was meeting a fellow traveler along my travels and my life would never be the same afterwards.
When completely awake, and with the break of dawn just passing by me, I packed up my belongings, and continued my quest. As the miles went by, my mind began to think about the important things in life. Having no plans laid out before me, certainly freed my mind to work on my life and how to improve it, which was the point of the whole walk anyway. As the second day came to an end, I repeated the same routine as I did the first one, then the third, fourth, fifth and so on.
On the morning of the tenth day I arrived at the edge of a great mountain lake. I sat down from a short walk from my previous camping site, to watch the sun poke its head above the horizon over top of the mountain. The silence was deafening to me. There truly was no sound that could be heard at all, Not a bird, animal, or even the breeze itself. It was the first truly dead silence I had ever heard.
“hello traveler,” a voice came to me Just as the suns ray reached my spot, and begin to warm my weary body causing me to nearly jump out of my skin, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.”
“It’s ok, friend,” I replied,” I just thought I was alone here is all.”
“My friends call me Jay,” he said extending his hand to me in a friendly gesture.
I quickly looked him over, even with his dark colored hair that looked scruffy, as if he had been out here a while, and his bread that matched in color and style, I felt very comfortable with him there, so I extended my hand to return the gesture.
“My name is David,” replied motioning for the stranger to come, sit and join me, which he wasted no time in sitting beside me.
We began to talk between ourselves about lots of things, especially the walk we were both on and the reasons behind it. As we conversed, it appeared we lost track of all time, letting the whole day got to waste. By the time the sun began to set, I finally came out of the trans I seemed to be in listening to this stranger who seemed extremely wise and knowledgeable about a lot of this for his age. I informed him it was my intention to have been on the other side of this lake by dark, and that I needed to try and keep it.
“Do you trust me?” he asked me out of the blue.
I was taken back by this stranger who came into my area and talked to me, made me feel more comfortable than I had been in a while, even so he was still a stranger to me, but yet, I had a feeling I had met him before, only I didn’t know it. Unsure of why he asked that question, I felt compelled to answer him yes.
Standing up and grabbing his pack, strapping it tightly to his body, he looked down at me still sitting on the log, reached his hand towards me, and simply said, “Follow me!”
I stood up and followed him where ever he led me. I paid no attention to where we went, just that we went. Once I had walked a bit, I noticed that we were walking across the lake, on top of the water. It was a slow but steady pace, but the two of us finally made it across to the other side.
We walked about twenty yard away from the edge of the water, through an extremely sandy beach. Jay was ahead of me, I followed without a thought. He turned around and looked at me.
“why did you believe in me,” He asked as he turned around.
“I don’t know I just did,” I answered as I turned around and took off my pack,, but when I turned around the stranger, and his pack were gone, and no trace ever remained of him.
Once I wrapped my head around that, I began to go home. Which actually is a story for another time.
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