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This time it's Doctor Who, and Clara, who is doing the chasing.

“I’m a big fan of Doctor Who too. I have been almost from the beginning. Thanks to Hulu I’ve been able to watch ‘Classic Doctor Who’ starting with Episode One. I’m about a hundred to one fifty into those episodes. I watched every new episode, and numerous repeats, since the 2005 series began.”1

“I don’t know how good I’m going to be able to do with this Prompt. That’s because I’m a Pure Science Fiction writer. Which means I only write non-Earth stories. I also have a problem with using other writer’s characters. So this might not be exactly characteristic accurate, but it should be close.”1

Death and Destruction Everywhere We Go

     The Tardis was sailing through Space. It appeared to be trying to follow a larger spaceship in the near distance in front of it.

     “I can see it,” said Clara as she looked out the viewport within the Tardis Control Chamber. “It’s just ahead of us.”

     Doctor Who stayed at his console, but he could see the spaceship too. “They are getting away from us again.”

     “We can’t let them destroy any more planets,” said Clara. “There’s got to be a way to stop them.”

     “There is,” said The Doctor. “The problem is they are moving so fast it’s hard to keep up with them.”

     “I thought the Tardis was the fast ship in the universe.” Clara looked back at the Doctor.

     “It is,” replied Doctor Who. “When it’s not malfunctioning.”

     “When isn’t it.” Clara turned back to watch the spaceship.

     “I don’t know what’s wrong with it this time,” said The Doctor. “everything appears to be normal.”

     “They are starting to flicker,” responded Clara. “That means they are about to time travel again.”

     “Let them go. There’s nothing we can do about it at right now,” Doctor Who pounded his fists onto the console. “We do still have the Tracker on them though – don’t we?”

     Clara went over to the console. “It’s there.”

     The Doctor joined Clara at the viewport. He just got there when that mysterious spaceship disappeared.


     “Good-bye Doctor. You almost had me this time,” said a Man who appeared to be human from the neck down.

     The Man swiveled the chair he sat in toward another human. He pulled out an old fashion pistol and fired it at him. “You are the one that almost let The Doctor and Clara, isn’t that the name of his latest companion, catch us.”

     “You are also to blame.” The Man turned his chair in the opposite direction. “Thanks to you the Tardis got close enough to get on board. Because of you they planted a Tracker on us.” Another bullet meant one less human on that ship.

     “Is the Tracker still there,” asked the Man? Leaning forward his face could almost be seen.

     Nervously a female said, “It is.” She kept her eyes on the window in front of her. “Do you want it to be removed?”

     “No, I don’t. I want The Doctor to follow us,” the Man said. “I’m just not ready for him to catch us yet.” The Man leaned forward enough for his face to be revealed that time. It’s The Master.


     “What I don’t understand is why whoever is doing this is destroying all of these planets,” Clara said out loud. “All they are doing is stealing all the Credits, Units, Money etc. they can before we show up. Then they destroy it.”

     “They destroy it as a distraction so that they can escape.” Doctor Who had half his body buried in the console underside. “I think I know who is behind it.”

     “Is it the Cybermen or the Daleks?” Clara said as she roamed about the Tardis.

     “It’s neither,” shouted The Doctor. “Stealing isn’t there way of life, but destroying planets is. So maybe they are involved after all.”

     “If it’s not one of them then who is it.” Clara stood behind Doctor who.

     “Have you noticed there’s a pattern to all of these robberies? They have all been on planets I have visited in my adventures,” said The Doctor. “The same times I have be on them too. There is probably a blue box just like mine on that ship too. It won’t be long before everyone in the universe thinks I’m behind all of this death and destruction.”

     It took Clara a minute to figure it out. “Another Tardis. You think it’s The Master who is doing all of this – don’t you?”

     “Actually, it’s a pretty good plan this time,” said Doctor Who. “We have been so busy chasing him for the last couple of months, no one knows where we have been or what we have been doing.”

     “I didn’t realize we have been after them for that long. That makes twenty-six time jumps that resulted in the thefts of millions each and that many planets destroyed,” said Clara. “If we don’t stop him now that will make twenty-seven.”

     “Why does that number sound so familiar?” Doctor Who came out from under the console with his Sonic Screwdriver in his hand. “It doesn’t really matter. The Tardis has been fixed. Let’s go get him.”


     The Tardis materialized on board the mysterious spaceship in a Cargo Bay. Right after it landed, and they left it, The Doctor knew he was right. There’s another Tardis there. It’s partially hidden, but they still saw it.

     A few minutes later, after carefully maneuvering through that ship, they reached the Control Room. Before The Master could re-act Doctor Who used his Sonic Screwdriver to destroy the control panel for that spaceship.

     “So you knew about the Tracker all along,” The doctor said to The master after his chair fell on him during the control panel destruction. “It was very cleaver of you to use my own Sonic Screwdriver against me. You could only have done that when we were where here briefly.”

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