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by LiszyK
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This is a topic that went over in Psychology; I really loved and wanted to expand on it.
Self-confidence. One word that can answer so many problems, can change a person’s life, and can influence so much! We “biopsychological organisms” (p.576), run off of emotions. Individuals and our unique situations work together in a synchronicity like no other. We are each influenced to have behaviors based on conditioning or social observation. This can be tied to the devotional for the week on peer pressure! So many people observe the general populace, social media, television, etc., and form opinions, bias, and behaviors off them!

One thing that scientists have learned is that those that are independent, those that are optimistic, and those that are hopeful rather than hopeless, tend to do and be better. As found in the textbook, those who have a higher self-esteem tend to be happier, along with those who feel that they have control over their situation; “perceived control is basic to human functioning”(Ellen Langer, p.291). In truth, those that think brighter, dream bigger, see larger, and feel more are going to be the most effective and are the best workers. Even God hints at the same by telling us that we are the lights of the world and that we are his adored creation! He’s been building our confidence this whole time! Surround yourself with uplifting people and beliefs and your life will become that much bigger and brighter!

In conclusion, there is much that we pick up from our wanting to conform to society and fit into the box that it has created for us, but we can learn so much more if we decide to break the mold and reach beyond our limits. Social media, television, and the “popularity” needs of society all shape us into who we are and what we think, but why should it? We must at all costs avoid the need to fit in to society, because we never will and we were never meant to! We are all meant to live in the world but not be of it, as it says in the bible. Avoid the need to be like every other person out there and be yourself. We were all created differently for a reason, not so we could all try to act alike and do the same exact things!

-LiszyK 2015

"Psychology" by Meyers
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