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by aaron
Rated: E · Fiction · Religious · #2068219
A small group of innocents is taken into account before God.

The Theophany

Aaron Smith

O lost ones! This writing is for you, that perhaps ye may find yourselves and turn unto your Lord in service. Many are ye who have repented here, few are they who know the names of God, and much the work that might be done for teaching if you heeded the counsels of the Gods of the past. Prepare for He who rises, for on that day all shall be judged, and all things will be as He willeth.

Many the grades of hell fire the people are lost in, and much there is they have to repent of. First are those lost in the pit, bottomless and vast it is as they scream their souls to the end. Some are they lost in the wilds of remoteness. Some are they who burn in the fires of the sun or are cast into the black hole. Some are they who live in the crushing lake of fire or the crushing above. Some the wilderness of the jungle far from God. Some the vicious wastes of desolation beyond his paradise. And last are the few who live just beyond His land, among the people who have turned from him.

Few are they who have attained to paradise, who lives in the garden land where goods are aplenty and the maidens pleasing. This is the state of attainment where all things go on to God, and anticipate His rising. In this condition the mortals know of one another and abide in friendliness. Here are all those known only to God who are the substance of history and lived their days innocent to him. Here wait the souls for whatever end He doth decree.

O lost ones! Why do you heed not that which you have already recognized? Why make ye no distinction among God's creatures, when some are so remote and some so near to Him? Why suffer your chance to serve him go unnoticed, and why seek ye not the companionship of the friends of God? Whither go thou, and what is it that you do, that keeps you distracted from the kingdom of heaven singing its welcome around you? Perhaps in the day of His rising ye shall heed.

For there will come a day when all things will be brought to account before the coming of the world's true King. All things will tremble and fear for His judgement, for His wrath will be terrible and His mercy ample to all they in His own world. All will stand before Him and be questioned as to their doing in this long dark night of His absence, and each will be given a fair reward for what they have done.

On that day He shall be heralded as the world's true prophet and savior, held as beloved of all the world. He will be the most merciful to all, omniscient of all things and aware of the needs of all His creatures. He will be He to raise His own people, choosing who is most innocent of all the world. He will do whatever He please, though His choice be wrath to all the nations. He alone should be glorified in that day and all things must submit to His will.

Approaching that day will be decided the fate of all things, many are they who will find themselves bound to the depths for their doings, and many find themselves among the pleasures of paradise as their reward. For all things have what they choose in God's kingdom, and few are they who regret not their choice. Then it will be said:

O lost ones! Ye few are innocent of a sad episode in that dark night. Here now you stand before your Lord, and are mortal, and thus pleasing to Him. Your deeds are few, and thus your balances light, but God is Merciful, the Most Forgiving. Here then are the account of all things, as many are they who stood against what they might do, and none who could be found to guide you unto the service of the Lord.

O hateful ones! Why do you wish the bloodshed of these servants of His, and why have ye set yourselves against them? Why do you harm they whose will has been totally submerged in that of the King, and why do ye oppose them? What ye have done hast cast you far to hell, and your hands are bound there for what ye have done. Ye shall scream and cry for the aeons of the world, and none save Him be found to help you, for you have turned away from His servants, and only the Invincible, the Almighty be found to guide you from your wicked ways. Thus is the account of they who are thy enemies.

O slavers! Why do these material things mean more to you than the souls of they who you consider beneath you? Indeed you apostasize the souls of the well favored of God, for you consider them as no better than those who have yet to repent, and care not. They exist for the service of their Lord, the Most High, and ye would have them dragged to the dust before you. You yourselves shall be dragged to the depths, unless you recognize their superiority to you. Thus is the account of they who give thee thy means.

O avaricious! The men of the world are given to their fighting amongst themselves, and seek all things for selfish end. Ye have been offered that which ye do not deserve, and heeded not the very handmaidens of heaven who would not have withheld themselves from thee. Thus shall your lust lead you far from your God, and ye shall have difficulty recognizing they who are His servants. Be free from your demeaning of they who are your betters, for this indeed shall profit you. Thus is the accounting of they who would claim to be they husbands.

O harlots! Ye verily stir the anger of the Lord thy God, the Most Wrathful, the Ever Remembering. He alone can account for your thoughts, and He alone will ye answer to for your hate. For you repent not to they who would give you only joy, and esteem as superior those who possess the wretched things of this earthly life. Ye consider that ye have the right to treat meanly those who would be thy friends, and esteem yourselves as above they who would grant thee eternity. You disconsider the blessings of the future, and have no thought to that which is better than ye know. You consider not what ye could do for yourselves, and heed not the sadness you inflict. For these things your fertility will be burned from you in the fires of all hell, and all things will scorn and shame you unto the bottom of the abyss. This is the accounting of they who would be thy wives.

O ye sycophants! Wherefore do you claim to be the priests of they who are your betters? For these have found the essence of the religion of God, while you are still far gone with thine interpretations. Abandon them, and your social position, that ye may gain a better understanding of they who would be your friends. Ye will be brought down with the things ye cling to and understand the meaning of God's vengeance. Wherefore love ye Him, and be friendly to His servants, that ye may attain that which ye already claim and begin the teaching work. Thus is the accounting of they who are thy clergy.

O ye bureaucrats! Damned low shall be your estate, for ye claim right over they who are the denizens of heaven. Many are they who shall be cast screaming to the abyss for their deeds, their apostasies and demands, and few will be of those who repent. For ye claim to that they who are innocent of God, they who seek naught but His good pleasure and walk in the way of them who are His true children, them who are the flock of He Who is the Shepherd, exist for naught but thy petty whim and must abide by thy oppression. Low is your station, and long shall ye be damned, for if ye claim this earthly world ye may have all of hellfire you ever wished for. None shall be left of ye who are the remnants of the violators of aforetime, them who were already warned of their doings. Thus shall be the accounting of they who are thy governors.

O ye sinners! Wherefore do you turn aside from the angels of the Most High, and seek the degeneracy of they who dwell in the depths? Why do you belittle the station of they who have attained the ultimate goal and purpose of the universe, and esteem yourselves as their equals? By what right do you cling to your hate for God, when He is the All Forgiving, the Most Beneficent? What is that ye desire that leads you away from His Court unto that which is below, and for what reason do ye abandon the companionship of they who are thy only friends? Cast off all that which ye know, and seek ye His Kingdom with all thine heart, that perchance you may attain unto the recognition of Him Who Rises. This verily is better for you than all the fleeting things of this earthly life, did ye but comprehend. For your deeds hell shall be filled with you, for endless is its maw, and much shall be the crying from its depths as the denizens of paradise scorn your shamefulness. Thus is the accounting of they who would be thy peers.

O ye tyrants on earth! As He Who is your Lord admonished you by His right in a previous age, so also I question you for your station is not above these. Ye claim to rule the world and all that is therein, when you are less than the dust trodden by these servants of the Most High. Their slightest act outdoeth all thy petty conflicts that draw this world to extinction, and their very love more potent than the rule of all the armies of the world. You shall be damned and forgotten, for these servants of His write history, and ye are not but the generals of the hordes of their enemies. Wherefore clear yourselves from their paths, that ye might appreciate their station and attain unto it yourselves. This is the accounting of they who claim to be thy ministers on earth.

Then the accounting of all they who are against they shall be done, and hell shall be full of their wailing. To each shall be given his own lot, and all shall deny that which they once had set their petty opposition on. None shall be found who understood the requirement of obedience to He Who is their Creator and King. And then shall be the accounting of they who know their Lord, and stand innocent before Him.

O lost ones! Many are the grades of you, and most are they who shall be forgotten, for they recognized their God but failed in arising in His service or seeking the friendship of His loved ones. The gift of martyrdom shall be far from their fate, but all things still must bow down before they who have gained the right of mortality. Few are they who know their God by one of His Many, His Most Excellent Names, and are conscious of what they have attained. These know their existence before Him has just begun, and arise to teach others in His name. These shall be blessed as the teachers of the world's true Lord and King and shall be remembered in history, and perchance mentioned by He Who is soon to Rise.

And as that day neareth all these shall be assembled before he who has been chosen, and shall understand what they have done in the Kingdom of God. For when all earthly things are passed away naught shall be left but the Primacy of He Who is the Invincible, the Omnipent, the King of Miracles. And in the face of that glory they shall understand the pettiness of their refusals and complaints, and shall see themselves as His Children, in need of that Divine Father Who guideth all. And the men shall bow their heads in thanks for having been taught, and the women shall line up and apologize for their failure in consideration towards he who made them. Then all things shall be prepared for the coming of the King.

And creation shall quake, and the heavens shall fall, and world be torn from itself. The kings of the world shall be upset, and all religion shall be ended. Every family will be torn apart, and they few faithful taken to the reckoning of the innocent. All worldly toil shall cease, and all things be brought to not before the Lord. Paradise shall hail the return of its true redeemer, while from the depths will be heard the multitude of the screams for forgiveness. All things shall know then the coming of the world's true King and find themselves humbled before him. Then he shall address the world and say:

"O ye wayward ones! Long has been the night since He Who was the King of Kings reigned over you, and many the transgressions ye have committed against me. Much is the work that is to be done to set aright this, my realm, and establish myself as its' rightful ruler and Lord. Sad the treacheries ye have inflicted on my loved ones, and many are you who are damned for their doings. This day all shall know their Lord, and some few will repent, that it may be known who are the faithful. Thus I do now arise for the good of all, and take on the mantle of Godhood."

And then all the innocent shall prostrate themselves before him, and add up their works, that they may present them to their King, and shall sort themselves into people that they may be reckoned as they were created. They shall remember one another and praise the companionship they had with those who were righteous. They shall all see in him who is chosen the potential of He Who is to Rise, "He Who will be invested with Great Sovereignty and Mighty Dominion," He who can answer all things and will know all things, He who is their true lover and their one and only Lord. And then the moment shall come, and to all creation shall be announced His Blessed, His Almighty, and All Pervading Name.

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