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your worst nightmare, or your sweetest wet dream.
*speaking to oneself*
people make names up for me.
do people make up names for you?
some people call me a drug,
while others call me a trip.
has anyone ever called you a trip?
has anybody ever called you anything?
I wonder why people feel the need to classify me.
I would fit in many classifications, if I were able to classify myself.
they would all, however, fit in between,
the worst nightmare, or the sweetest wet dream.
I make some cry and others scream..
scream sometimes with joy, and at others, fear in one's voice.
I could make someone sing,
or display hate,
give others the urge to mate.
I give Albert Hofmann credit for the powers that I have,
I guess you could call Hofmann my dad.
I mean,
I'm natural, or partly.
first found in fungus, or some unicellular organism..
we are all created from some prokaryote, aren't we?
I'm known for changing the color on your mood ring.
it goes from blue, to yellow, to green.
as everyone else, I would like to make everyone who encounter me happy..
but just as everyone else, I understand that I can't always have it my way..
seriously though,
I embrace the bad and otherwise.
I make it so that some can't think straight,
while others come out more wise..
more alive..
unlike fall's leaves, full of life.
a body has lost the sense of regulation it once had,
to assist your cells in growing, developing, repairing?
I may have a solution for that.
would you have an addiction that you are trying to resolve?
if you really want to, I can help get you through all..
all of the liquor that you may think of or dream about..
but that's only if you want me to.
in this life, it's sad, we can only be good or bad, it's got to be one of the two.
yes, I have the tricks up my sleeve to destroy a soul or two.
but, can't I get the recognition for the growth that I initiate, the spark that I ignite, too?
fine, have it your way, label me as something to be stoned.
just know, you may not get this flow if you're not stoned. (lol)
and if you're willing to give me a chance, call up a dealer and take me home.
let me allow you to see inside yourself.
will you let me open you up to your worst nightmare, and scare yourself?
or will you have the sweetest dream you've ever known, and satisfy yourself?
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