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by Queen
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Just a little short prompt 500 words or less hope everyone likes it
Amy stared at her clock the big red letters read '8:59' she gulped. It was almost time. Her stomach wavered and her hands trembled. She faced the clock again '9:00' the phone began to ring. Her heart started to race she felt like one of those characters in a horror movie the killer on the other end waiting for her to answer.
She was debating with herself she could just get it over with and answer the phone or let the phone continue to ring. She was dreading the hearing those five awful words that struck fear in her heart. Another ring she works up all her courage and answers.
" H..Hello?" she stuttered.
" I know what you did." dial tone.
She threw her phone letting out a screech. It's been three weeks now and it's been so agonizing. The same time, same voice, same four stupid words. Since that night with Charlie. Amy still gets chills at the thought of what they did.
She rubs her face sinking into the couch reaching for the remote. There's a knock she jumps a little. Standing and making her way to the door she checks the peep hole there's no one there only a box.
Her eyebrows knit in confusion she slowly opens the door checks her surroundings and picks up the box. Walking back inside making sure to close the door behind her she places the box on the coffee table. She opens it cautiously she gasps.
" Charlie!" she screamed tears flowed down her face there laying in the box was Charlie's head. Ther was a note attached to it: 'YOUR NEXT!!!'
"Hello Amy."
" Stefan!" she gasped turning.
" I know what you did." a gun cocked
Her body falls limp.
Amy shot out of bed clutching her chest it was just a dream. She touched her head where the bullet hit her. She started to laugh hysterically it was only a dream a stupid, awful, horrible dream. She turned to her clock '8:58' a little to early to be up. She lied back down closing her eyes falling back to dreamland. The phone began to ring.

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