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Kids story
Promises To Mommy

Once upon a time there were two little ants. One of them was named Andy, and one of them was named Bobby. Andy and Bobby were brothers, and best friends. Andy and Bobby loved to go outside and play. Bobby liked to climb up on big tall sticks as high as he could see. Andy liked to pick up big heavy rocks and carry them as far as he could walk. Andy and Bobby always had so much fun.
One bright morning Andy and Bobby asked Mommy if they could go outside and play. The sun was shining warmly and puffy white clouds were floating around in the big blue sky.
"Yes," Mommy said, "but you must promise me that you will not go past the big yellow dandelion. I would be terribly worried if you got lost. Do you promise Mommy that you will stay on this side of the big yellow dandelion?"
"Yes Mommy, I promise," said Andy.
"I promise too, Mommy," said Bobby.
"Ok," Mommy said. "Have fun!"
Bobby and Andy raced each other out the door and into the big wide world with the warm sunshine and the puffy white clouds floating in the big blue sky. Bobby ran to a big tall stick and started to climb. "I bet I can climb higher than you!" Bobby yelled at Andy. Bobby climbed higher and higher.
Andy found a great big rock and picked it up over his head. "I bet I can carry this farther than you!" Andy yelled back at Bobby. Andy carried it farther and farther. Andy and Bobby were having so much fun.
All of a sudden Bobby smelled something. He stopped climbing and sniffed. He smelled it again. "Andy!" he yelled down. "Do you smell what I smell?"
Andy sniffed. He smelled something, too. He put down the great big rock and smelled it again. "Yes, Bobby, I smell something, too!" he yelled back.
Do you know what Andy and Bobby smelled? Sugar! Do you like sugar? Little ants like Andy and Bobby love sugar, and they can smell it from a long long way away.
Bobby climbed back down the stick and ran over to Andy. Andy said "oh Bobby, that smells like sugar!"
"I know it does," said Bobby, "and I love sugar so very much!"
"So do I!" said Andy. "Let's go find it, and get some to eat!"
"I bet I can find it first!" yelled Bobby, and he took off fast.
"I bet I can find it first!" yelled Andy, and he took off even faster.
Bobby and Andy ran and sniffed, and sniffed and ran as they followed the yummy sweet smell. Oh it smelled so very good and sweet. Over grass and branches and rocks and piles of leaves they ran, smelling and sniffing... until they ran under the shadow of the big yellow dandelion.
Andy stopped, and Bobby stopped, too. Andy and Bobby looked up at the big yellow dandelion. Andy remembered promising Mommy that he would not go past the big yellow dandelion. Bobby remembered, too.
Bobby said "oh Andy, we promised Mommy that we wouldn't go past this big yellow dandelion, remember?
"I know, Bobby; but the sugar smells so very sweet and good," Andy said.
"I want to taste it so much!" Bobby said. "We could go really fast and come right back and Mommy would never know."
"I won't tell if you won't," Andy said.
So Bobby and Andy disobeyed Mommy, and broke their promises, and took off again at a run; racing each other to be the first to find and taste the sugar. Over green grass and under brown weeds and around tall trees they ran. First Andy was winning, and then Bobby was winning, and then Andy again. Faster and faster they raced, forgetting about everything but finding and tasting the sugar.
Bobby and Andy both found the sugar at the same time. It was in a great big pile, right beside a bunch of wavy green grass.
"I found it first!" yelled Bobby.
"No, I found it first!" yelled Andy.
Bobby and Andy ran over to the great big pile of sugar and tasted it.
"It is so good and yummy," Bobby said.
"It is so sweet and tasty," said Andy.
"I love sugar!" said Bobby.
"So do I!" Andy said.
Andy and Bobby ate the sweet and tasty sugar. They ate and ate and ate, until they were stuffed full, and the sugar was all gone.
"Oh wow," said Andy. "We ate that whole pile of sugar."
"I don't feel good," Bobby said.
"My tummy hurts," Andy said. "I think I ate too much sugar."
"Me too," said Bobby. "I miss our mommy."
"Me too," Andy said. "We should go back home and find her."
So Bobby and Andy started to walk back home. But there was just one problem. Andy could not remember which way to go to get back home. Bobby could not remember which way to go, either.
"I think it's this way," said Bobby, pointing toward a little brown tree with bright green leaves.
"No, I think this is the way," said Andy, pointing toward some orange and purple flowers.
"No, maybe it is that way," said Bobby, pointing at a fat white mushroom.
Andy and Bobby walked and walked and walked, until they were tired and sore.
"I don't know where we are," said Bobby.
"I don't know how to get back home," Andy said.
"I think we are lost," Bobby said.
"I am so scared," said Andy.
"Me too," said Bobby.
Bobby sat down, right on the ground, and started to cry. Andy sat down and started to cry, too. They were afraid; and they missed their mommy very much.
Just then two pretty blue butterflies flapped their wings and flew up to where Andy and Bobby were sitting and crying.
"Hi," said one of the pretty blue butterflies. "My name is Lizzie."
"And my name is Katie," said the other one. "What are your names? And why are you crying?"
"I am Bobby, and he is Andy," said Bobby, trying hard to stop crying.
"We are crying because we are lost," said Andy, trying even harder to stop crying.
"We miss our mommy, and we are so scared," Bobby said. Andy and Bobby started to cry again, even more.
"Did your mommy tell you not to go past the big yellow dandelion?" asked Katie?
"Yes," cried Bobby.
"Do you think that your mommy knew that you might get lost?" asked Lizzie?
"Yes," cried Andy.
"Do you think that is why your mommy made you promise not to go past the big yellow dandelion?" asked Katie.
"Yes," cried Bobby.
"Don't be afraid," said Lizzie. "I am sure that someone is out looking for you right now."
"And we will stay right here with you until they find you," Katie said.
Andy stopped crying. "Yay," he said.
Bobby stopped crying, too. "Thank you," he said.
"I am not afraid anymore," said Andy.
"Me neither," said Bobby.
Just then someone walked around the corner. Can you guess who it was? Can you? It was Daddy!
"Daddy!" yelled Bobby as he ran as fast as he could to give Daddy the biggest hug ever.
"Daddy!" yelled Andy as he ran just as fast to give Daddy an even bigger hug.
"Hi Andy, hi Bobby," Daddy said as he hugged them back. "Mommy and I have been worried about you. We love you very very much."
Andy and Bobby and Daddy hugged, and smiled, and hugged some more. Daddy's hugs always felt good and warm and safe.
"Hi Lizzie. Hi Katie," Daddy said.
"Hi," said Lizzie and Katie.
"Thank you for helping Andy and Bobby to not be afraid."
"You are welcome," said Lizzie.
"We are happy that you found them," said Katie.
Daddy looked at Bobby and Andy. "Are you ready to tell Mommy that you are sorry for disobeying her?" he asked.
"Yes I am," said Andy.
"So am I," said Bobby.
"Shall we go back home and find her?"
Bobby and Andy nodded their heads yes.
"Bye," said Lizzie.
"Remember to always obey your mommy," said Katie.
"We will," Bobby and Andy promised. Andy and Bobby both held one of Daddy's hands as they happily skipped home to Mommy.
Do you think Andy and Bobby learned to obey Mommy? I surely hope so.

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