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A freestyle poem extracted from an article that I wrote entitled The State of Humankind.
The State of Humankind; For Whom the Bell Tolls
– By Vaughan Jones

Freely enslaved by the New World Order,
we blindly busy ourselves with living this life.
Forever too busy to ponder real truths,
we’re caught up with issues, ever attending
to matters that don’t really matter at all,
not recognizing the wood for the trees.

The prophets and sages have warned us on end,
To name but one, let's consider what Jesus said.
Did He not speak against materialism?
Did He not speak against principality and kingdom?
Did He not speak against politics and voting?
Did He not speak against fighting in wars?
Did He not foretell the rule by one world government?
Did He not prophesy of a single world currency?
Did He not warn of false prophets bearing his name?
Did He not warn of the Antichrist, ruler of this world?

Are these not all leading up to
the ultimate end of the world?
If so, should we be surprised that
the Global Elite - the New World Order
Fits the bill precisely, preparing mankind
for a new One World government and currency?

Should we be at all alarmed that
the Christian Religion, forebear,
the symbol of Western society,
has been at the fore thereof for
centuries of manipulation and control,
leading up to this crucial point in history?

The bell tolls but the listeners are few.
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