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by Sandra
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this is the first chapter where triston goes to the cybertronic universe
it was a dark night and Trison was in his room reading some ancient book,
a few minutes later Triston begins to hear his father talking and he slowly walks out of his room to the room his father's at.
he saw a man wearing a dark black hat and cloak like jacket, the man begins to speak
"we must not let anyone find out about the cybertronic universe" the man said to Tristons father,
as Triston heard that he began to be shocked wondering what the cybertronic universe was. the man suddenly was about to leave the room, his eyes turned a blue color as he glared at Triston but he didn't suspect Triston heard everything as he walked away. after the man left Triston ran to his room and got his ancient book, as Triston put his hand on top of the book randomly it glowed and transformed into a different book,
Triston read the book and learned about the cybertronic universe.
The next day Triston left the house for school, instead of going to school he went to this building and saw the man there, he followed the man to a room inside the building and then the mans eyes turned blue and his whitish hair flowed backwards as a portal appeared. as the man walked into the portal he disappeared and so then Triston was shocked and stepped in aswell.
The portal led Triston to another place, like another world.

~To Be Continued
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