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A picture isn't always worth a thousand words. In this case it's only nine nine five.

Duplicating Humans

     ‘I still can’t believe this is what the humans here think we look like. Our ghosts aren’t even close to appearing like this. We are almost exact duplicates of humans. Except we have light blue skin. Which turns red when we get mad. The redder it is the angrier we are. We also don’t have any body hair. Just on our heads. It looks like a million needle thin strands of rope.’ Nathon shook his head vigorously as best he could in that confined structure he’s been hiding in while on that planet.

     'This is the perfect place for me. I can’t see very much, unless I get out of my structure, but I can see why I am there though. It’s the yard just below me. There must be about five hundred of them down there. Why are they there? That’s what I am here to find out.’ Nathon usually took notes while observing, but he couldn’t that time. So he Mentally Recorded what he had been seeing.

     ‘The first week I was here I observed during the daytime - but nothing really happened during the day. So I just started doing it at night. After all the humans fall asleep that’s when I get out of my structure to find out what’s really going on there.’ Nathon lifted the structure off of him. As he did he lost control. senting it flying off the roof. Smashing it through the animals in front of him.


     Nathon banged the top of his head when he exited from under the Engine Control Panel too quickly. Rubbing the back of his head as he stood up he asked, “Did I hear someone?”

     A floating female human head appeared before Nathon. “We have been trying to contact you for days.”

     “If I wanted to be contacted I would have had Communications on.” Nathon returned to his engines.

     Karona’s head went right through to the top of the Engine Control Panel to look Nathon in the eyes again. “We need your help.”

     “I don’t work for the Galactic Government anymore. Whatever it is I don’t want to do it,” said Nathon.

     “Not even if it’s about him.” Karona rose back up through the Engines Control Panel.

     Nathon always bumped his head whenever he comes out from under machinery too quickly. “Him is involved?”

     “We don’t know, but he could be. It sure does look he is. That’s what you to find out,” said Karona.

     “If it is him I definitely want to be involved. I have been after him ever since one of them killed the Lover.”

     “I knew you would be,” said Karona. “That’s why I suggested you when the possible problem came up.”

     Nathon left the Engine Room. He went through his Living Quarters, which was a mess, into the Control room. Karona floated right beside him. Nathon sat behind the Controls. “Tell me what’s going on. Then I will decide if I want to do it.”

     Karona closed her eyes. A large image appeared next to her. Like Karona’s head its solid too. “We took this image about a month ago from the planet of Haan.”

     “How long have we been observing that planet?” Asked Nathon as he got up – and checked out that image.

     “About two hundred years,” said Karona. Karona joined Nathon. “As you can see it sure does look like him is cloning again.”

     “It could be him,” Nathon said. “Why is he only cloning these humans and that animal?”

     “We don’t know. If you take the Observation Challenge you could answer that question yourself,” replied Karona.

     “Why do you want me involved with this? I’m a Professional. It sounds like you need an Observer,” asked then said Nathon.

     “They selected you because of him.” Karona said.

     “Are there any other clones on this planet?” Nathon asked.

     “There are millions of them all over Haan. Not just these three either,” said Karona. “This is the biggest collection of them on the planet though.”

     “Why are they all in the front yard?” Asked Nathan.

     “We don’t know that either. There’s only one way to answer that,” said Karona.

     Nathon thought about that, after a closer look at the image, before he spoke. “I don’t think he is involved, but I will check it out anyway – just in case.”

     Returning to the Controls Nathon hit a button. The engines came back on.


     After Nathon made sure that Stovan, the owner of that house, and his mate Frie didn’t re-act to the structure falling Nathon entered the house – through a pet entrance. His height didn’t make that hard to do. Once inside he headed for the lowest floor. When he opened the door a loud beeping sound began. Nathon could hear what Stovan and Frie were saying on the second floor.

     “What was that?” Asked Frie.

     “That’s the alarm I set up to catch those kids who have been damaging my decorations,” Stovan responded.

     “Do you want me to communicate with The Locals?” Asked Frie.

     “No I will handle this myself.” Nathon could hear movement from above. He ran toward the pet entrance, and he barely got out before Stovan showed up with a weapon in his hand.

     Nathon got clumsy when he tried to make his escape. As a result, he crashed into the clones in the front yard. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw the hole underneath them too. He tapped one of them. “It’s the same skin as their Alien on the roof. These aren’t clones. They aren’t human. The last month I have been here has be for nothing.”

     Just before Stovan came outside Nathon dived behind a group of baby trees bunched so tight together they looked like one baby tree. When Stovan checked behind those trees Nathon had gone. After Stovan returned to the house Nathon came out from inside one of the structure in the front yard – and left too.

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