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A letter to self as a reminder to turn to music for heart's healing.
                             "Turn on the Radio"

When a swooning sadness has persuaded the heart
to shrink and become a small stone,
pressing against all fellowship intentions,
the happiness of the soul is in intimate danger.

Turn on the radio, my dear self. Anticipate a festive
celebration to stir a vigorous change for the heart's sake.
Sway, shuffle, skip, trot, or twirl away trembling reckonings
always meant to evoke inner turmoil.

Behold your own beauty, dear self, in ballads; nature's music
kin to spirits and sprites telling celebratory stories.
Perform a ballet on dance floors of grasslands;
tickle ankles with their waves of blue-green and amber-gold.

Choose a forest canopy to house a hoe-down;
frolic with the elemental clapping hands and slapping knees.
From a mountain top, yodel a declaration
of your renewed self, and receive reassurance from the echo.

Allow the symphonies of sunrises and sighing sunsets
to orchestrate in harmony the healing process.
A lightness of spirit ensues relief
delivered to those animated in song blended with dance.

Elation evolves into an eternity of agape love.
Zestful experiences promise tenacious tugs of laughter.
Resonating and inspiring innovations ensue
with glee and gladness evident in the soul's eyes.

Dear self, turn on your heart's radio.

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