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My life so far...
My name is Michael Christie. I am 27 years old. Born November 28, 1987 in Staten Island, New York. My parents Michael and Vanessa Christie, my siblings Alyssa, Jennifer and Pete comprise my immediate family.
Now that the basic necessary information has been imparted, its time to decide which way to take this piece in. Past attempts at one of these has had me attempting to retrace me steps from the beginning of things. This path i chosen to take presently will first be getting first to know who i am, afterwards letting you know just how i became this person.
I guess a first step into letting you know who and what I am is to let you know how I live, day to day. I wake up in the morning to find myself in my room. Most likely my first actions of the day consist of putting on some music, checking specific news outlets and social media, and preparing or procuring of some breakfast.
I work, though many a time, I find myself between one job and another. I enjoy performing whatever duties my particular job at the moment entails, earning money and being a contributing member of society.
I play, music. Music may be the biggest part of who I am. If there was a choice I had to make in career-wise which direction to take my life in, it'd be with music.
I've been told I'm an easy going person. I like to have fun but I have a serious side too. Physically i consider myself able and seemingly well maintained. In the mental realm I think most would find myself just as able. Self- taught having loathed time spent in an institutionalized learning system. I read, enjoy problem solving and challenging myself.
Though I've lead a pretty interesting life, I'd say, it seems that with difficulty I have conveying it. It must have to do with my laid back outlook. No matter how seemingly extreme circumstances seem to become I always take it with a grain of sand.
Ended that last paragraph on kind of a zoomed out observation, so going with what I said earlier about not starting from the beginning, I'll tell you about from where I hail and what it is I do.
I have my own room within a house of rooms that gets rented out. It's in the town of West Brighton in the borough of Staten Island, New York. At home I keep to myself trying to avoid trouble. I spend my down time practicing guitar, watching T.V., playing video games and when I'm feeling particularly stupified with all the amenities of the multi-media age I crack open a book.
At the moment I'm unemployed, I problem I hope to rectify in the immediate future. I get by mooching off family, birthday/Christmas presents recently and occasional shoplifting. I've been out of work for two months now and am eager, though I know it won't last, to get back to the working world. This last year, I only say so cause new year's was yesterday, was a particularly on/off year of work for me. I start the year working a really dead end gig that my cousin hooked me up with. Which evolved into a more involved role still at my cousin's business that didn't last too long. This was around the summertime and after about a month later I got a job around my neighborhood which i lost after a month and then went ahead and repeated the process a month later. Which point being the fall, found another job, my most recent, which i went ahead again and lost. Not the most interesting, pertinent information for my bio, but it's just what's on my mind.
I'll tell you about a good time I had recently. I met up with my friend Vinny for the second day in a row, the first spent primarily occupied with jamming. Vinny plays guitar and I play drums. So we go together, talked some music stuff and set out on our ways. First stop was at his friend's/dealer's house. We smoked a blunt and I got to play electric guitar for the first time in while. It was particularly nice playing through such a huge amp as it was. After getting well toasted we set out to our friend Frank's house where we were met with the usual warm welcome, pot and video games. The night winding down and Frank having to go to work we made one last journey to our friend and band-mate Twitch's house. There to we were met with drugs and warm hospitality, not to mention a like-mind individual whom we could share a righteous time with.
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