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It’s not just animals who are hunted there. It can be humans too.

Hunter’s Paradise

     Josuan took aim. He lined his Long Weapon on his prey. Just before he squeezed the handle to unlock his weapon and push the button to fire a child’s foot struck it from the side – sending the red Laser Bullet into a nearby tree. “Why did you do that?”

     “I didn’t want you to kill it.” Gretta smiled at her father. “It’s too cute to kill.”

     “One reason we are here is to hunt.” Jusuan only took his eyes off it for a second. When he took aim again his prey had left the area.

     “The only reason we’re on this moon is because that was the only SpaceShuttle from Kallom when those men tried to kill us.” Gretta lifted her leg, and pulled it back, prepared to kick the weapon again. Then she saw she didn’t need to.

     Using his weapon Josuan scanned the area for it. “The next SpaceShuttle back home on Veccon isn’t for another three weeks, and we didn’t bring anything with us to eat.”

     Gretta thought about that. “I don’t like it, but you are right. We do have to eat.”

     Josuan never stopped looking for his prey. “It doesn’t look like we are going to kill anything anytime soon.”

     “What kind of an animal is it again?” Gretta asked.

     “They bring in animals from all over the universe for our hunting pleasure.” Josuan continued his scan. “I think this one is called a reindeer, but I don’t know where it comes from thought.”


     The barrel of a Long Weapon pointed to several places within that Wooded Area. “Are you sure they are here?” Prek asked.

     “I haven’t seen them yet either, but they are here somewhere.” Eclah preferred his two Hand Weapons. He could use them a lot easier to look for their prey.

     “Why do you think they are here? They could be anywhere on this Moon,” asked then said Prek.

     “Because the SpaceShuttle they sneaked onto was coming to this section, and according to MiniHouse Registration only one in this section got requested after they got dropped off here.”

     “It’s nearby,” said Eclah. “So you are right, they are here somewhere.”

     The Sun caused a sparkling effect when it hit Eclah’s weapons threw the trees – and almost blinded Prek. “Watch were you aim those thing.”

     Eclah pulled his weapons away, but not fast enough. “Sorry about that.”


     “We are lost again, aren’t we?” Gretta asked.

     Josuan darted his head all around them as he and Gretta walked through among the trees. “We aren’t lost. I’m just not sure where we are.”

     “Are we even going in the right direction?” Gretta asked.

     ‘At times like this I regret telling her to always ask question if she needs to know something she doesn’t already know.’ Josuan thought. “I’m sure this is the right one, but we did get kind of turned around while hunting.”

     “In other words, we could be anywhere.” Gretta looked back at Josuan. Then past him at their prey floating a few feet behind them on its back. “Will you even recognize our MiniHouse when you see it. We have seen three already.”

     “Of course, I will. It’s the one with the red, blue, green and yellow wreath on the door,” said Josuan. “The one with the big number twelve in it. I remember that because it’s your age.”

     Gretta and Josuan turned sideways, so did their prey, to get through a narrow part of the Wooded area. They could barely see another MiniHouse in the near distance.


     Gretta had just finished hanging her holiday stocking on her Sleeping Room door when she heard it. A shattering sound like a window glass broking. When she heard it she almost fell off the Portable Stairs she stood on. She did start to fall backwards though, but she placed her hand against the wall on the other side of the hall to stop herself from falling.

     When she cautiously went to check out the noise she found not only the window broken but two Flower Holders about her size in front of it smashed too. ‘I always told them it was dangerous putting those there,’ thought Gretta.

     After hearing more loud noises Gretta took a quick peek into the Living Area. She saw two men looking for something. One looked through her father’s desk while the other one searched the cabinets behind it. They didn’t care how much noise they made – or damage they caused.

     Gretta ducked into the Eating Area when she heard them heading her way. Her face frozen in shock when she saw her thirteen-year-old sister, Zore, and her mother, Lorri, dead. Blood seeped out of holes in both their foreheads.


     ‘Gretta didn’t think they saw her, but they did. I can’t believe that happened almost two years ago or that we have been running from them ever since then,’ thought Josuan.

     Josuan and Gretta stood before the MiniHouse they borrowed. Gretta looked up at the fringe lining the top of it. It appears to be long thin tinsel hanging next to each other. ‘That’s how I recognize it,’ thought Gretta.

     When they walked in the door, and the lights didn’t come on without assistance, Josuan knew they were in trouble. Suddenly the lights came on. Prek and Eclah sat in overstuffed chairs that faced the door. Both had their weapons out pointed at Gretta.

     “We were only going to just kill the girl, but then you showed up before we could even do that.” Prek stood up first.

     “All we wanted was the designs for the new SpaceMissile.” Eclah had a little trouble getting up.

     “You shouldn’t have stolen them from us,” said Prek. “We stole them first.”

     “I did’t want to kill you too old buddy, but now we have to.” Eclah pointed his weapons at Josuan.

     If anyone was nearby they probably heard two single weapons fire once. A minute later Prek and Eclah left that MiniHouse – alone.

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