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Finding their gifts is just the beginning for them. They also have to find a cure too.

Find Your Gifts Then Find the Cure

     In almost total darkness the voice of Rerri could barely be heard. “Are you still awake?”

     An unshaded window high above them produced the only light in the room, and it didn’t quit hit Rerri or Noria. “I’m still awake. Who could sleep when the next day is the best holiday of the year.”

     A rustling sound could be heard. “Did you hear anything last night?” Rerri asked.

     “No, I didn’t. I take it you didn’t either,” said Noria.

     “I tried to tell mom and dad moving here so close to The Holiday was bad timing.” Rerri got up and started walking. When she stood up the top half of her body could be seen in the light of the moon. She looked about average at eleven.

     Noria couldn’t see Rerri moving, but she could hear her. “I knew this was going to happen. He isn’t going to find us this year, is he?”

     A single click - and the light come on. Rerri removed his finger from the Door Button by the door to the Sleepers. “There’s only one way to find out. Just because we didn’t hear him doesn’t mean he didn’t come here.”

     Rerri left their Quarters first, but Noria came right behind her. “let’s not wake mom and dad. It means we have more time to play with our gifts,” said Noria.


     When Rerri and Noria entered the Family Room they looked shocked. There were no gifts beneath the Decorated Tree. They ran up, and search all around that tree. The only thing they saw there appeared to be a big ball of fur.

     That fur opened itself up to reveal a male cat who stood up. “Why did you disturb my sleep?” Stabbian asked.

     “Are you our gift this year?” Rerri asked.

     “Do I look like a gift?” Stabbian asked. “I can be your friend, your playmate, you companion – but I’m no one’s gift.”

     Noria walked up to Stabbian. “Why didn’t we see your bell when you were sleeping?”

     Stabbian backed off a little. “Because I have so much fur you can’t see anything a girl at nine shouldn’t be seeing.”

     Rerri quickly stood between Noria and Stabbian. “How did you know how old my sister is?”

     “There are a lot of things I know about you Rerri,” said Stabbian. “I have been watching all of you ever since you invaded my house three months ago.”

     Before Rerri could say anything, and she’s about to, Noria spoke. “If you aren’t our gift then where are they?”

     “They are here,” said Stabbian. “I have just hidden them.”

     “Why did you do that?” Rerri asked.

     Stabbian smiled a big evil looking smile. “Because once you really see where you live now you will beg your parents to leave.”


     Noria tried to wake up her mother while Rerri did the same with their father. Neither one woke up. “What happened to our parents?” Noria asked.

     Stabbian’s bell tingled every time he took a step. “Oh! Didn’t I tell you. I put a spell on your parents. My race can do that you know.”

     Rerri walked up to Stabbian, she got so close she could see ‘Stabbian’ written out on his bell, and looked up right into his eyes. “What do we have to do to wake up our parents?”

     “Don’t forget about our gifts.” Noria still stood between their parent’s Sleepers.

     Stabbian smiled at Rerri then Noria. “All you have to do is find your gifts. When you do that you will find out what you need to know to wake up your parents too.”


     Rerri and Noria searched almost every room in that house, but they ended up finding their three gifts each, and a fourth one to share, in the four other Sleeping Quarters. Each one looked perfectly normal when they first entered. Then they went into completely blackness. When the light came back on they were completely different.

     The first different place was in the sky of a planet. They started falling. Noria thought of it first. She started flapping her arms. Rerri began a few seconds later after seeing Noria doing it. It’s Rerri that saw their way out of that death fall. She aimed herself for the Play Set. Rerri landed in some fluffy sand first, and barely got out of the way before Noria tumbled in after her.

     Noria and Rerri found themselves floating in Space in the next room change – without Protective Suits on. Which is deadly to humans. They found their gifts a few seconds later. Noria reached out for the Alien, not like Stabbian, doll about half her size – but Rerri was a little reluctant to do it.

     Rerri and Noria swam toward two big paper looking boxes underwater in front of them. It’s hard for them to breath because of no Protective Suits. When they reached the boxes they opened them. To find jewelry within. A pair for the ears, a chain for the neck, four chains for the arms and legs and three rings for the fingers.

     A desert storm made finding their latest gift, or cure, nearly impossible. If not for Rerri tripping over another two oblong thin boxes they might never had found them. Inside laid two dresses. They put them up in front of them, and asked each other how they looked.

     “There’s one place you haven’t looked for the cure,” said Stabbian. “I’ll give you a hint as to where it’s at. It’s at a place where you stay warm while watching the Video Monitor.”

     It took only a second for Rerri and Noria to figure it out. They ran into the family Room – right to the Fire Holder. Within it a large pot steamed.

     “I guess, it was a little scary today,” said Rerri. “I like scary though.”

     “Me too – and our parents,” said Noria. “I don’t know about Rerri, but I will always treasure the gifts I got today.”

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