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A poem covering self identity in terms of the three entities - body, mind and soul/spirit.
A Spirit Being I Am - By Vaughan Jones

For so many years I've wondered who I am,
A body and a mind that one day will die?

Or do I have a soul or a spirit as well,
And when my body dies they also die?

Pondering on this puzzling thought,
Am I three in one, somehow connected?

I often think and speak of my body,
Thus I am not the body I refer to.

I speak of my mind, changing my mind,
Thus I am not the mind that I refer to.

The mind and body then belong to me.
Separate entities, but both are mine.

I think, therefore I am - said Descartes,
I feel the pain experienced in my body,

So then; Who am I?

If I am not the body or the mind,
Who else can I be - but a spirit being?

Here on Earth for a while as led,
To think, say and do as I wish.

One day I, spirit being, will return again,
Back to my Source, whence I came.

Pure Spirit Realm - Zero Point Energy Field,


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