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Simple short story that gives one something to think about
I remember the night especially
silent and ebony. One might think in such silence the smallest sound would break it, but nothing did. It's as if anything with a will to move had burrowed itself away. Even if there was sound I could not be alerted to a on coming danger as I could not see past the bridge of my nose. However I pushed onwards slowly trying not to stumble.

I struggled not only to stay on my feet, but to keep my most surreal imaginations at bay. Every wind and turn down the narrow path led me to new horrors . The trees looked as if twisted sentries ready to guard their rooted place and immense dark seemed to hide the most devilish of fiends. I felt the only way out of this hell was to push on, I had to push on. Though terrors still they could not hurt me. So with heart pounding and with labored steps I kept on.

The fiends now seemingly more active grabbed for me. Before I knew it I was running blindly disregarding my course. What little light that was there was now gone and replaced with darkness unlike I ever knew before.

I remember the first sound that was made, seemingly so loud it echoed through my very soul. "No escape". At that moment I felt defeated as hopelessness washed through me. If it were not for the heat singeing my skin I would not of moved. Taken back I stumbled and screamed in anguish. No sound escaped my lips only the thought of it. I felt across my hands feeling them bubble up and bust with angry puss.

Overcoming the shock I sprinted back to the way I came. The words "no escape" followed me intensifying until I could not make one word from another. Acting out of pure instinct I kept running and if not for some unseen hand I would not have been led to the final leg of my journey. For at the end of the path light shown.

The fiends now no longer an imagination ran towards me with desperation no longer silently watching. I leapt forward as what felt like thousands of claws grazing me. The white light blinded me and burned fiercely until my eyes began to focus. When shapes came into view I made out what seemed to be a person sitting next to me. I tried to talk but only a groan escaped me. Apparently this was enough because the person ran out of the room and soon many people joined. "You're going to be alright John". "You were in an accident, do you remember?"          
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