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by Ajay
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its a piece that gave me a name....its for writers its something funny in own way..:)
Sometimes i just sit and think about creating something like using some symbols that might have looked weird had it not been our daily routine to see them without questioning about its base and validity. Though i never liked puzzles, but still everyday i solve this puzzle that requires me to make something meaningful out of these symbols...and it would have been really fascinating to give sounds to a collection of symbols, if we were in stone-age... Oh!! the puzzle part is not over....i also play another puzzle that demands to arrange the arranged symbols in a particular format, so that when given sound they will speak my thoughts...and to my surprise sometimes the listener also plays the same puzzle games to create something that speaks about my thoughts and how he shares the same opinions as mine.... Well i appreciate that. Now, since i play these games too often. I now know the art of confusing people by covering my work with layers of fog and mist...which they can remove by applying a bit of brain.....it entertains them and fascinates me. When i find them finding different meaning of my work that i didn't know i gave. And that again puzzles me that i played with puzzle and created a puzzle that had different solutions...that actually depend upon the mind that tried to solve the puzzle. And now even i am puzzled that how arbitrarily produced and accepted symbols that have always puzzled me helped me creating a puzzle with the help of puzzles and though the puzzle that I create is not a puzzle for me while creating but it becomes a puzzle when I solve the puzzle that people created for me. Are you following?? You are the most important part of this puzzle. Yes this puzzle that you are reading...symbols given sound and meaning or to describe in one word...WRITINGS. Though this is a freaking puzzle...but in would really appreciate I you will create a puzzle for me. Thank u for reading patiently.
The Puzzle Maker
(The Puzzle Maker)

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