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Very short story about a mans life snowboarding in the mountains.
Boarding is my life. Nothing compares to it. Nothing. The feeling of exhilaration as you glide through the snow like a bird through the sky is virtually indescribable. Humans don't glide, they destroy. It makes a pleasant change. It's the only way I can vent. The only way I can be me. How many people can say they live in a land of eternal winter? How many people can say that they can fly? Not many by my experiences. Kicking up snow; the soft powdery kind untouched by anything or anyone 10 feet into the air, it's certainly a way to make an entrance!
It has it's dangers, like the well known avalanche. It's amazing to think that something so delicate could form a destructive force of nature. For example, a snowflake glides down, lands upon your head and slowly melts. An avalanche plummets down from nowhere, knocks you out and crushes you flat.
Despite this.. It also has a certain beauty to it. The glisten of the sun refelcting off of the brilliant white snow. The occasional gust of wind that whips up the snow to create what looks like a small blizzard of glitter. You only get to appreciate these things when this is your way of life. You get to sit and watch. Observing every little detail. You have seen things many people have never seen before. This comforted me, as I gazed from the mountain side across the Tundra.

Word count: 242
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