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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2069130
A normal Black Friday day refuses to stay normal.
Disclaimer: I do not own Inside Out: Pixar does.

Today was a Friday. November 23, 2015 to be exact. Riley Anderson had finished all of her homework, passed all of her tests, got into honor roll, and as a reward she, along with the rest of her school, got a holiday break from school for a week for Thanksgiving. Riley got up early and quickly prepared for her hectic day, as today was Black Friday and she would have to get to the mall early before the door busters because that's when it would get crowded. As Riley got up so did her 5 unique emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear. Anger and Fear were the first 2 to get up. They got up from their beds and walked down to the lobby of headquarters, where they lived. "Morning Anger," Fear said. "Just you and me right now." "What'd do you say, do you think we should get Riley up and get her ready for the day, check to make sure there aren't any bears in the house, get all of the dead mice out of the wall?" He suggested. "No, I say we get up, go downstairs, and eat breakfast like a normal civilized human being would on a normal day, thank you very much." Anger snapped back in annoyance. "Well today isn't going to be a normal day," Joy said. "Because today is Black Friday!" She exclaimed. "Oh, you mean that holiday when all the stores place deals to make you spend so much money it adds up to what it would cost on a regular day." Anger says. "Oh, and when everyone attacks each other just to get their hands on a copy of Halo 5 or Super Smash Bros," Fear suggests. "No, that's crazy." Joy giggles. "Anyway, I was up really late last night preparing a map of exactly where we should and shouldn't go today." Joy says. "Wow, that is really high maintenance, considering how far i'd go just to get something done." Anger says. "Yep, because you do all of that stuff during the day." Fear replies. At that moment Sadness and Anger were just waking up for the day. Sadness wakes up, yawns, and pulls a comic about tragic vampire romance off of her face, then rolls off of her bed, falling onto a pile of others. The slap which came from the comics startles Disgust who wakes up with a jolt. "Jeez, Sadness, why do you sleep with so many of those?" She asked. "I read before I sleep." She replies. "That explains why you're always crying at night." She says. They walk down to the center of the lobby, and see Joy wearing a drill Sargent costume happily explaining the details of her map. "Is anybody getting the wrong idea on this?" Disgust asked. "Ummm," Sadness replied. "Anyway," Joy said. "To the mall😆!" She happily exclaimed. Riley went downstairs, said Good Morning to her parents who were apparently still in bed, and left the house and ventured to the mall. Riley walked over to the bus station, payed her fare, and walked into the bus. The fare was only 25 cents thanks to Black Friday. "How convenient." Riley said to herself. A small slip of paper came out of a dispenser at headquarters for Joy and the other emotions to read. The bus was full of people going to stores to go Christmas shopping. Riley could hardly find a spot to even stand on. She was scrunched in between a bunch of other people. "I spoke too soon when I mentioned how convenient this was," Riley moaned. "How much longer until I arrive?😰" She asked herself. When the bus driver finally called out her location, Riley was overjoyed to get off of the bus. Her destination, the Westfield San Francisco Centre, was overrun with people trying to run to every single store to get the last of everything. Just one look and Riley gulped with disbelief. "Anyway," she thought to herself, "The first gift I have to get is for dad." Where to go though?" Riley looks around and decides on Sports Authority, since she assumes those are the types of stores which have what dads want these days. She enters the store and walks around, dodging others people who are not paying attention until she finds all of the jerseys. "Okay, which one to get?" she said to herself. "Maybe Clippers?" Fear suggested. "Or Cavaliers? I don't know?" Sadness says. "Wait, wait, wait, I've got and idea! :D" Joy says as she plugs the light bulb into the outlet. "It's just where are we going to find it." She says. At that moment Riley starts to run through aisle after aisle, sometimes running into a person, or going into a section where everything there was the complete opposite off what she actually intended to find. "Ohh." She moaned. "This is going to take forever." After 2 more exhausting minutes, she finally finds what she was looking for. A Golden State Warriors jersey. "Finally!" She said to herself. There was only one left in her dad's size, so she took it before anyone else could, THEN started doing a victory dance. Along with everyone except Anger. "Um, hasn't it occurred to anyone else that we have plenty more people on out list to get gifts for?" He said. "Oh, yeah speaking of which," Joy says. "Now we have to get a gift for mom!" Anger's mouth gapes open. "Unbelievable." He says as his head starts to catch on fire. Riley walks around until she finds a Macy's. "How about we go here," Fear suggests. "Got a lot of girl stuff. You know? Heh Heh." Fear says. "What?" Sadness says as Her, Disgust, and Joy stare at Fear like he just lost his mind. "Oh boy." He says now realizing what a bad joke he made. Riley enters the Macy's, looking around for things her mom would like until she finds the perfect gift. There were plenty of tables with people selling beauty products. Riley looks around for things her mom would like until she finds the perfect gift. An Estée Lauder The Color Edit Set, for only $35.00. Although is was 15 tables across from her and people were already starting to crowd around. "GO FOR IT, GO FOR IT!!!" Joy literally yells. "JEEZ, DO YOU HAVE TO SCREAM SO LOUD?!!" Anger yells, his head once again catching on fire. Riley frantically runs, avoiding running into people until she finally gets the the Estee Lauder table. Panting, she pays for the set and walks out of the store. "Whew, 2 down 3 more to go." Joy says enthusiastically. Riley think she's made just her luck, then again she thought too soon. Somebody who was running and not paying attention ran into her without any thought. The impact left Riley a bit dizzy for a second. But when she regained thought, she saw a whole stampede of people coming towards her. "Hey, I have an idea, and its a good one." Fear says "Right now?!" Anger says. "RUN! THAT'S THE IDEA!" Fear exclaims. "Oh, my ears are ringing again." Sadness says. Riley tries to run but is still ran over by the stampede. After it clears, Riley is too dizzy to even think. She loses control of herself, wanders into the wrong bathroom, and passes out in one of the stalls. After Riley passed out, Headquarters was in utter chaos. "WHAT HAPPENED?!!" Fear says as he rushed over to the control panel and presses random buttons. Anger was banging on the control panel, Sadness was crying loudly and uncontrollably, Joy was trying to calm everyone down, and Disgust was frantically walking back and forth trying to figure out how she would get Riley out of the bathroom without being seen. After 5 minutes. she regains consciousness. She walks out of the bathroom unaware of her friend from Hockey, Jordan who was staring at her wide - eyed. Riley then ventures off to get him and her friend from Minnesota, Meg gifts. "Next up, Jordan!" Joy exclaims. "You mean the kid stating at us as we walked out of the Boys' room?" Anger tells Disgust. "WHAT!" Disgust exclaims. Riley noted that Jordan is in a band and ventures of to a Guitar Center. She enters the store and finds a ton of musicians looking for who knows what. "Ugh." Riley says to herself. "This will take forever again." Sadness says as she begin to cry. "That won't happen." Joy says, "There are tons of people we can ask for help in here. She says. After doing some looking, Riley finds the perfect gift for him, a Platinum PRS Al Di Meola Prism Flame 10 Top Electric Guitar. She automatically buys it and walks out of the store before anything else can happen. Then she goes over to GameStop, buys an Xbox One Halo 5 Limited Edition Bundle, then quickly walks out of there before anything else can happen "Phew, got out of that one alive." Fear says as he presses buttons on the control panel. "Now for the 2nd to last one, Meg!" Joy says. "I dare think who the last one is." Anger says to himself. Riley walks around until she sees an AMC theaters. She walks over there and buys her 5 $10.00 gift cards. "Finally!" Joy says. "Now for the last person." Sadness breathes deeply as Fear crosses his fingers. "US!" Joy says. "Oh yeah, I knew that." Fear casually says. Riley goes over to an Apple Store and buys herself a Rose Gold Iphone 6s, an Ipad Pro with a smart keyboard and Apple Pencil, an Apple Watch Sport, and a Macbook. "FINALLY!!!! We get to go home!!" Joy yells. "WILL YOU QUIT SCREAMING?! I MEAN SERIOUSLY!" Anger yells. "Okay sorry, got a little carried away there." Joy admits. Before Riley was able to get out, she sees a bunch of people crowding around a store but not entering it. "Hm, what's going on in there?" Joy asks. Riley looks inside and sees two people literaly on the ground fighting each other. "What are those two fighting over?" Disgust asked. "Riley looks closer and finds out what their fighting over. And of all things and HD 3D TV. "These are my kind of people." Anger says. "People these days really act like idiots." "Let's get home before we get into anything ugly." Riley leaves the store and gets on the bus.Fear suggests. "Same Here." Sadness says. Riley leaves the building and gets on the bus for home. Once again crowded by people, as it was only 3:00. Once Riley gets home she carefully walks into her room, and places all of her gifts in a secret spot to avoid spoilers. "Now we just have to wait for Christmas Day." Sadness says.


P.S: I don't exactly know how Riley could afford everything she bought, but hey, it's Black Friday!
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