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An old friend comes back.
Tonight was a normal night for Riley and her Emotions. Riley was texting one of her friends on her phone while her emotions sat on the couch and watched a movie from one of her memories on a monitor separate from her sight. Sadness broke the silence with a question "This movie is good and all, but there's something missing from it." Sadness said. "Maybe death, destruction, gun fire, and an atom bomb." Anger suggested. "Um, how about no." Fear replied. "Ssh." Disgust said. "Yeah, there is something missing." Joy said. "Oh boy." Disgust said. "BING BONG!" Joy exclaimed. Fear jumped, and Sadness said, "That was sudden." At that moment Riley fell asleep, taking subconciousness into a dark night with her. "Wait him?" Anger said. "You got in touch with him when that whole "incident" happened. Right?" He asked. "Yeah, but then we fell down the memory dome and I lost him." Joy said sadly. "Aw, what a bummer." Fear said while Disgust had moved closer to the monitor to try and hear the movie. "Did we forget that we were trying to watch something." She said. "Aw, I wish he was here so we could share this moment with him." Sadness said. As she went to sleep later that night she thought about Bing Bong, and all of the memories that him and the emotions shared. Then an idea struck her. "THAT'S IT!" she said. "That's what?" Joy said groggily, as Sadness had woken her up. "Joy come on!" Sadness said as she dragged Joy out of her bed. "What are we doing in the middle of the night. "Grab a memory from long term!" She said. "Okay?" Joy replied questionably. Sadness grabs a daydream and plugs it into the control panel. A memory comes up showing Riley and Bing Bong playing on their rocket he planned to take her to the moon with. Suddenly, the two of them hear a large gasp for breath, they turn around and see Bing Bong, who had been conjured back up when the memory was played. "Wha, where am I?" he askes. "In Headquarters." Sadness replies. "What? You guys revived me?" He askes. "Yeah, it was Sadness's idea though." Joy says, groggily and still half - asleep. "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Bing Bong exclaims. "Ssh! It's 1:00 in the morning!" Sadness says. "Oh, sorry!" He whispers quieter than Sadness. Suddenly Sadness plugs in a nightmare about Jangles the Clown to wake Riley up. Riley woke up with a jolt. Only to see Bing Bong there in her imagination. "Hey Riley!" He exclaimed. "Oh, I'm still dreaming." She whispers in disbelief. "No you're not. I'm Bing Bong remember?" he asks. 'I don't know." She says. The smile on Bing Bong face begins to turn into a sad frown until Sadness plugs in a memory of the two of them playing together. "Oh wait," Riley said, "I do!" The frown on Bing Bong's face quickly turns into an even bigger smile than before. "Now, we can go to the moon together!" He says. "Wait, at !:00 in the morning?" Riley says. "Huh, usually 1:00 would mean afternoon. "No. :l" Riley replies. "Oh. Okay. "l" Bing Bong says. Followed by and awkward silence between the two of them. "We have a lot to teach him." Joy says. "Yeah, but tomorrow." Sadness says. The next day, Saturday, Riley quickly get dressed, says god morning to her parents, surprised to see her rushing so much, grabs an imaginary Bing Bong and leaves the house. "The first thing you need to get to know how to do is live in the city." Riley whispers. "First thing first, don't buy pizza from that pizza place." Riley said as the two of them walk by that pizza store which only serves pizza with broccoli on it. "Okay, I'll make that note." Bing Bong replies. "Also, why are you whispering?" He asks. "You're imaginary, so nobody can see you but me." Riley replies. "Oh, Oh." Bing Bong says. "Taking that note." "He'll get the hang of this quickly." Joy says, actually awake this time. Riley takes Bing Bong to the hockey rink, where she plays with the rest of her team, Foghorns, to practice. Once Riley gets into the rink to practice, Bing Bong randomly makes a high pitched noise by playing a high note on his trunk as though it were an instrument, distracting Riley from her play. "Oww!" She says. The noise is so loud it causes her to lean over and crash against the wall of the rink. "Wow!" Bing Bong says. "I didn't know that you could hear better!" Riley makes the ):l face at him. He eventually gets so excited he jumps through the door into the rink, as he is transparent due to being imaginary. He would have not even paid any attention to the sign telling him not to enter without skates due to him being illiterate. Riley was about to make a goal until she sees Bing Bong running toward her for no reason. "Waaah!" Riley exclaims as she trips and falls as by good luck the puck slides into the goal. "Oh sorry." Bing Bong says. (you can play the troll song in your head if you want to.) "It's fine." Riley whispers back. "Oh, okay." He says. After practice two long and extremely loud( for Riley) hours later, Bing Bong and Riley leave the rink. "Wow! I'm impressed at how good you've got at Hockey." Bing Bong tells Riley. "Well, I've grown a lot since I was 4." Riley says. "Huh, you've got that right." Anger says. "Aw, jeez. I really have to got to the bathroom." Riley says. "Okay, right behind you." Bing Bong replies. "What does that mean?" Riley asks herself. "Oh, never mind." Once she find a gas station bathroom, she enters the stall while Bing Bong waits outside. After 2 minutes he wonders why she's taking so long. Since Bing Bong is imaginary he's practically like a ghost when not in subconciousness, so he can easily enter the bathroom without even pushing the door open. Riley was in the stall minding her own business when suddenly Bing Bong pokes his head through the stall and says, "Hey Riley are you almost done?" "Yaaahh!" Riley screams, lucky the bathroom was sound proof. "What's wrong Riley?" Bing Bong asks. "This may be a news flash to you after 8 years, but you're not supposed to be looking in a stall whether somebody's in the bathroom or not. "Oh Okay, in that case I'll turn around." he said as Riley left the stall. "You're facing a mirror, and you're also invisible in the mirror." Riley remind him. "Oh, this feels like one of those social media sites where you have to pay to actually do everything. Don't you think?" He asks. Next Monday, Riley is walking to school with Bing Bong when she realizes she forgot to take her backpack. "Oh jeez! I forgot my backpack." She says. "Wait a sec." Bing Bong says. "You an use my sack to carry them." "Good Idea." Riley says, completely using all logic. She puts her books in and they fall right through them, due to it being imaginary. "Aw, I'll just have to go back home and get it." She says. "Are you sure?" Bing Bong asks. "If you do you'll be late for class." He tells her. "Not if I can help it." Anger says grabbing Joy and pulling her over to the control panel. "What are you doing?" Joy asks. He slams on it causing two big levers to jump up. "On 1 - 2 - 3!" He says as he put Joy's hand on one of the levers and they both push them forward, causing Riley to burst with a jolt of enthusiasm. "Not if I can help it." Riley says more enthusiastically than before. "Oh wow! :l" Anger says. "She quickly sprints back home, grabs her bag, and run back to school. Panting into her classroom while the teacher and her classmates wonder what she was doing before class. "Anyway," the teacher says, "Now for role call." She says. Ironically, Riley's name was the first name to be called. She says her name, while Bing Bong jumps up and down yelling "HERE! HERE!" Distracting Riley. "Does he have to follow us at school?" Disgust asks with disbelief. "I don't know. It's all up to him." Joy replies. At recess she was walking around minding her own business when she turns around and sees Bing Bong behind her. "What're we doing now bestie?" Bing Bong asks. "Yaaah!" Riley yells with a jolt, getting the attention of some of the kids on the playground for a second. "Oh Jeez. Bing Bong." Riley says exhausted. "You know you don't have to follow me everywhere." She says. "Who are you talking to?" A kid asks, startling Riley. "No one." She says. "Why does he have to sneak up on us like that?" Fear asks. The rest of the day Bing Bong follows her everywhere. starting her and the emotions every time she finds him. That night Riley gets in bed, while Bing Bong still watches her. "You know Bing Bong, you don't have to follow me everywhere." Riley tells him, trying not to sound rude. "Are you kidding me?!" Bing Bong says. "I'm you imaginary friend! I'm going to spend every second I have with you Riley!" He says. "No matter what!" Those three words struck Riley with fear. "Okay Bing Bong." She says smiling. "Good night." She says as she turns off her bedroom light. "Okay Riley!" He replies. "Good Night! See you Tomorrow!" He says. Riley puts the covers over her head and says to herself, "Oh Jeez." And so do the emotions with her. "Tomorrow is going to be a long day." Sadness says as all of the emotions moan.

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