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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2069132
Three new teammates join the emotions' team
Tonight was a rather special Friday night for Riley and her emotions. It was the opening night her San Francisco school's new play. A remixed version of Alice in Wonderland. Anais in CyberSpace. (I tried my best, please don't judge lol :D) Riley's parents and all of her friends (including Bing Bong) had come to the school to see her in the play. Her role was a technological version of the Mad Hatter. Joy and the emotions had not only been up until midnight memorized her script like broken records, but they had helped fear overcome his stage fright, even though he denied having stage fright at all. "I'm telling you guys!" Fear quarreled when Joy first brang up the idea. "I don't have stage fright!" "You're afraid of almost everything!" Anger snaps back. "Surely you have stage fright!" While Riley waited for her part. Joy had the mind workers prepare a mic which would make whatever anyone spoke through it would make Riley say it. Although this could only happen if it was turned on. While the mind workers prepared the mic, the emotions went over the script. "Okay." Joy said. "If Riley gets stage fright, I prepared a mic so we can speak her lines through it. It could come in handy if Fear actually has stage fright." She teases playfully. "Oh come on Joy. I don't have stage fright!" He says. "What's going on back there?" A mind worker asks his co - worker. "I dunno?" The other one replies. "Guess Riley's performing in a play or something." "Aw. I wish I could watch her." Another one Replies. "Wait. Guys, maybe we can." Another one says. "How will we be able to do that?" Another one asks "We can sneak in with snacks." Another one replies. "They have no idea we can hear them." Disgust secretly whispers to the other emotions. 35 minutes later, it's finally time for Riley to perform. While one of the kids playing the main character is waling around. She asks, "I wish I could find out how to navigate myself around this strange new world." She says in a confused and almost saddened manner. Suddenly, Code - like special effects appear, and out of a cloud of mist appears Riley. She takes all of the courage in the world, then playfully and articulately says, "You want to know how to navigate through cyberspace? "I can teach you." "But how will you be able to do that?" the girl asks. "Trust me, I am capable of it. And also please don't question me." Riley says as the audience giggles. 45 other minutes later. Riley's part ends, and the emotions were tired, exhausted, and sweating so much that headquarters had flooded up to 5 inches tall. "Wow. That took a lot of courage to handle." Fear says. "Good!" Joy says. "In my opinion you kinds of needed it." She teases and giggles. Fear does the ):l face at her. Suddenly, they hear a sound almost like a bell ringing. It means a core memory has been produced. Although it has very unusual colors on it. "Is that actually a core memory?" Anger askes. "The colors on it are kind of strange." Sadness says. "An orange fade, a yellow green, and a pink red?" Joy says. "What could those colors mean?" It rolls into the core case and two streaks of light emit out from it. One powers up Goofball Island, and the other one creates... "Courage Island?!" Disgust says. "Well, I guess that's logical." Joy says. Little did they know that this certain core memory did more than create two Islands of Personality. It had way more powerful effects than that. The next day, Riley and Bing Bong got up on a normal day. Got dressed, and left the house to experience whatever adventure would come they're way. "So what are we going to do today bestie?" Bing Bong asks. The two had heard about a suspicious event in a back alley earlier in the week. Riley thought about checking it out but Fear had denied the idea. "Maybe we should find out what went on in that alley." Disgust suggests. "No No No No No." Fear says. "I'd say every day we don't die a success. And if we go in that alley, today might not be a success." "You must have really low job expectations." Disgust says. "I'm wearing a tuxedo you know." He replies. As the two begin to quarrel the two emotions pay no attention the Orange Fade colored light behind them, and the hand reaching out and pressing a button of the control panel which appeared out of a light. Riley suddenly decides for exploring the alley. "WHAT WAS THAT?!" Fear asks. "Just helping out, that's all." Both Fear and Disgust jump with a jolt at the strange voice. "What the?" Disgust says. "Who are you?" The two looks beside them and see a tall teenage, yellow eyed, light orange skinned girl wearing red orange faded sunglasses, an orange hoodie, crimson jeans, and red shoes "I'm Courage." She calmly says oblivious to her situation. "Didn't you just hear what I said?" Fear asks. "Nope, can you say it again?" Courage asks. "Please no." Disgust replies. "Anyway..." Courage says. "Huh, there's nothing here." She says with a bit of disappointment. "WHAT?!" Fear yells. "Wow Fear." Disgust says. "Talk about stereotypical." "HOW COULD I KNOW?!!" Fear exclaims. "What's going on in there?" Joy asks in her usually passive mood. "Disgust quickly takes Courage's hand and puts her in a drawer. "Umm... nothing Joy." Fear says. "Oh okay then." I'll be watching TV if you need me." She says as she walks back into her room. "Oh good." Disgust says as she pulls Courage out of the drawer. "What was that all about?" Courage asks. "I think Joy will be thrown into a state of shock if she finds out a new emotion has been conjured up. Fear whispers to Disgust. "Anyway, we have to devise a plan to make sure Joy doesn't find out." Disgust suggests. "Right at ya there." Fear says back. As the two brainstorm, Joy and Sadness watch TV in their room. Somehow, they're able to watch a Comedy Central program: Brooks Wheelan: This is Cool, Right?: through a receiver in Riley's brain. Copying any program she watches into a database. Joy watches a program she missed because she was sleep - deprived due to having Dream Duty every night. With each joke he made Joy laughed loudly and uncontrollably, in fact she laughed so hard her mouth got stuck in a smile for a second. And while Joy laughed Sadness repeatedly said, "I don't get it." Suddenly a voice different from the comedian's came up during the commercial break and said: "You know I'm wondering why every day I get up, go to a coffee shop, get the exact opposite of what I ask for, and when I want a refund I'm told I can't. I guess their Golden Rule is: Greed Is Good." Joy laughs so hard, she runs out of breath. "What?" Sadness says. The voice again says, "The one reason I don't want to be a celebrity is because it's like signing part of your freedom to a contract. For one thing you can't even go to a regular store for lunch without tons of fans screaming at you for autographs, and mics or cameras being pointed at your face." Joy laughs so hard the strawberry lemonade she's drinking comes out of her nose. "Joy." Sadness says. "That voice isn't the guy on TV. And you have a terrible taste in comedy." "I know, it's just a phase." Joy replies. "Wait, that wasn't the guy on TV?" "No, it's still a commercial." Sadness replies. They look out of the room and see a spotlight pointing to a guy who looks kind of like Fear, only he's juggling a slinky, wearing silly glasses, an 8 - bit Mario tee. And he's pink red in color. "Name's Craziness." the stranger says as he pretends to hand Joy a business card. "What's yours?" He asks the two. "I'm Joy, and this is Sadness." Joy says. "Although it's more than just us two." Sadness says. "Let us introduce you to them." The trio walks down to the lobby. "Hey guys!" Joy says. "Check this out!" "Oh Jeez!" Fear says. Disgust stuffs Courage back into the drawer. "Yeah Joy?" Disgust says trying to sound casual. "Fear, Disgust, Craziness. Craziness, Disgust, Fear." Joy says. "Okay..." Fear says. "Cool." Disgust says. "Sup." Craziness says as he pretends to hand two business cards to Disgust and Fear. "That joke is getting old very quickly." Sadness whispers to Joy, who pretends not to notice. "Anyway," Joy says. "Just wanted to introduce everyone. Keep doing what you're doing!" Joy says as the trio walks away." "Okay," Disgust says. "Another Emotion has been conjured up?" "This must be the core memory." Fear says as the two walk over and open the core case. "But wait," Disgust says. "There are three colors on it." She says. "So there's one more emotion to be conjured!" "I'll go check on Anger." Fear says. "Um, guys?" Courage says from the drawer. "Oh forgot to take him out." Disgust says as she takes Courage out of the drawer. "Isn't there a better option than putting me in there?" He asks. "Nope." Disgust replies. "Anger? Anger?" Fear says. "I'm enjoying a peaceful read, thank you very much." Anger says. "Anger, there's something going on with the core memory." Fear tells Anger. "Wait, wait?" Anger says. "Two new emotions have been conjured thanks to it." "Really?" Anger actually looking surprised. "I dare ask you how crazy this place is going to get with two more of us." Anger says. "It's about to get very stranger," Fear says. "Because one more is set to be conjured thanks to there being three colors on it." "Wow, that's never happened before." Anger says, getting up from the couch and putting down his newspaper. Just then a bright, blinding yellow greenish light appeared in front of them. "Oh No!" Fear exclaimed. "It's being conjured!" When it disappeared a rather strange looking teenage girl appeared in front of them. She was a slim 6.7 foot tall girl. She had slightly dark yellow greenish hair tied into a cute small ponytail. She had light emeraldish skin, she was wearing a light yellow greenish skirt probably used in gymnastics, ovalish black eyes without the whites, and yellow greenish shoes. "Boy this girl sure is into green." Anger says. The mysterious girl slowly looks at her surroundings, then at Anger and Fear, who brace themselves. The girl smiles and says "Hi there. What are your names?" The two open their eyes with disbelief. Blinded and overcome with shock, they slowly and nervously introduce themselves. "H - H - Hi," Fear says. " M - My name is F - F - Fear." Fear says. "A - A - And this is A - Anger." Fear introduced Anger who couldn't even talk. "Is there something wrong?" The girl asks. "You seen very nervous." The two look at her, than each other, than quickly correct themselves. "Oh No." Anger says. "Nothing wrong." "Yeah," Fear says. "You just suddenly appeared in front of the two of us out of a blinding light." "That raises some questions." She says. "Anyway," She says. "My name is Talent. This building seems very beautiful she says as she looks out of a window. And the outside is too." She says. "Where exactly am I?" "Well, you're in subconciousness." Fear says. "Wow what a beautiful name." She replies. "Well, I'd better get going." She says. "I have to practice." "For what?" Anger says. "Oh a little something." She replies. Although struck by the beauty of the newly appeared girl, Fear and Anger decide to find out what she's "practicing for". "The two follow him and find the girl inside of an empty room. "This seems kind of shady, don't you think?" Fear asks. "Well, I just heard that from a guy whose mane is Fear, I don't know." Anger replies. Fear gives him the ):l face. As they watch Talent begins to perform a graceful dance. Music suddenly starts playing (imagine whatever music you want I won't judge) as the girl carried the unique ability to play music out of nothing. "Where's that music coming from?" Anger asks. "I don't know." Fear says. While she's at she performs a set of various impressive moves showing she is extremely flexible. "I just hope she doesn't rip anything." Anger jokes. Just then Disgust walks over and sees Talent. "Oh jeez!" She says. "She's the last emotion to be conjured. "Yep." Fear says. "Wait, the core memory!" Anger says. The trio runs over to the core case and finds the memory, which has apparently lost a 1/25th of it's glow. "Something about this tells me, there's no going back from this." Fear says. "What can this memory do?" Anger asks.

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