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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2069190
The emotions try to keep the 3 new arrival hidden from each other. But it doesn't last.
Tonight would be a peaceful night for Riley and Bing Bong, but it would be a hectic one for her emotions. As Riley went to sleep each of her emotions would have to come up with a plan to conceal the three new emotions conjured up earlier in the day from each other. Each emotion thought their plan would be different from the others' (if they needed to make any), but if they actually heard each other, it would be exactly the same. "If the others find out about this new emotions," Sadness said to Joy, "Things could go from bad, to extremely worse." Disgust told Fear. "I can conceal your identity," Anger told Talent, "But it might prove hard to pull off." Joy told Sadness. "If we want to keep the others from finding out about this, we might as well stay away from the control panel if they're at it." Fear tells Disgust. "And we might as well find places for me to hide if they actually are near us." Talent tells Anger. "In fact, we can install new places to hide around Headquarters." Sadness tell Joy. "I don't know," Disgust says to Fear, "It might make the place a little stuffy and make the others suspicious." "Well," Anger says, we can tell you that you're a mind worker just inspecting headquarters for us. "You can leave and come back sometime at night." Anger tells Talent. "I don't like this idea," Craziness tells Joy and Sadness. "You two sound like terrorists devising evil plans, considering you're whispering." He tells the two. "Aw this is fine." Fear tells Courage. "Were just trying to cope with the situation." He tells Courage. "Pretty crazy things like this can escalate if not kept under control." Anger says to Talent while thinking about that incident with Joy and Sadness. "Okay," Courage says pretending not to be slightly annoyed. "I'll try to cope with this." This continues on for about 6 hours until later on that night, Joy, Sadness, and Craziness walk down to the Control Panel for their nightly Dream Duty. The usual Fairy Dream Adventure was on. "Are they supposed to be making some kind of point here?" A bored Craziness asks. "Because they basically refuse to stick with a plot line." He says. "I think it's wonderful." Joy says flattered. "We have to watch this every night." A bored Sadness whispers to Craziness. "Fear, Disgust, and Courage quietly walk by. Once they take cover, Fear says, "I guess that's the second emotion conjured up." "Looks pretty, weird." Disgust replies. "You know," Joy whispers to Sadness. "Craziness looks pretty harmless." "I know." Sadness replies. "I don't even know why we feel the need to do this. It's like keeping him in prison." As Fear, Disgust, and Courage heard their conversation. Fear and Disgust began to fell remorse for ever devising this plan right in front of Courage's face. Once they safely and soundly made it out of the control room into Fear's room, which was full of warning signs, safety helmets, and posters with safety codes and pages from the mind manuals on them. "I'm not going to judge your life choices, but... this is very, interesting." Courage says to Fear. "I know." Fear says. "I memorize each poster before I go down to the lobby." Fear says sounding very proud. "You shouldn't be sounding proud about it." Disgust replies. "We should stop with this whole thing and just tell everybody else the truth." Fear suggests. "Won't that just be w waste of time?" Courage asks. "That would be like a waste of 12 minutes." "Well," Disgust says. "I'm very well known for being honest, so I'm going to says this. We don't usually do this type of stuff. Usually we all get along (most of the time) and aren't really secretive from each other." "You're right," Fear says. "But we don't know how Joy would react after keeping this a secret for such a long time." "Well," Courage says. "Her name is Joy, she looks pretty happy (judging from her appearance), and she seemed pretty happy about watching whatever that show about unicorns was. I think she's going to take it pretty well." "Hm, you're catching on pretty quickly." Fear replies to her. "Do you actually think we should tell her?" Disgust asks. "I guess we should, but wait a little longer, put the hype meter on overdrive." Fear replies. "YEAH, HYPE!" Courage randomly exclaims. "Don't scream so loud!'" Fear whispers. "What was that?" Joy asks from the other room. "Nothing, just talking with Fear." Disgust replies quickly. "Ooh. I want to get in on some gossip!" Joy says, impulsively getting up from the control panel. "Should we change?" Sadness asks Craziness. "Definitely." He replies. "Nice going me," Disgust tells herself out loud as she walks back and forth. "Now she's going to find out!" "Good," Fear replies. "That's probably enough hype, and hype can lead to stress sometimes." Once Joy makes it to the door of Fear's room, he greets her and nervously says, "Um Joy, we have something to show you." "Cool what is it?" She replies. "Well, remember that core memory conjured on the night of the play. Fear asks. "Yeah, there were three colors on it, THREE! It was so amazing." She replies. "Well, it had really weird effects, and here's one of them, we hope you don't take it the wrong way." He says as he lets her pass. "Okay." Joy nervously says as she walks through the door and sees Courage frantically talking to Disgust. The two of them stands up and awkwardly smile at Joy. "Um, who is this?" Joy nervously asks. "Well, an emotion conjured by the core memory." Fear nervously answers. "OH MY GOSH!" Joy says ever happier that when she first was. "WHY DID YOU GUYS NEVER TELL ME?! SADNESS, CRAZINESS! COME SEE THIS!" She yells. "Does she have to yell?" Craziness asks Sadness as the two of them get up. "You'll get used to it eventually. We all did." Sadness replies to him. "Okay, another emotion." Sadness says once she sees Courage. "Hi," Courage says as she walks over and shakes everybody else's hand. "I'm Courage." "Wait a sec," Sadness says as she is suddenly interrupted by Joy. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, ANOTHER EMOTION! I MEAN WHAT?! WELCOME TO TEAM HAPPY!" She yells. "What I was saying was," Sadness says as she is interrupted by Joy yet again "WOW! YOU SHOULD SEE THE NEW EMOTION WE MET! HIS NAME IS CRAZINESS AND HE'S SOO FUNNY!" She yells. "I'll let you finish." Sadness says, annoyed. "No, you go now." Joy replies. "Thank You." Sadness whispers to herself as she says, "If this is the second emotion conjured, but there's three colors on the core memory, then another emotion must have been conjured up." Sadness says. "Good point." Joy says. "Let's go talk to Anger!" She then exclaims. "Boy, Joy sure is a fan of yelling." Courage says. "You'll get used to it." Sadness replies. "Hey Anger!" Joy says. "Yep Joy?" He replies while putting Talent into a closet. "Have you met any new emotions lately?" She asks, pretending to look suspicious. "Um, no. And also, can I talk to Fear for a sec?" "Okay." Joy says, still pretending to be suspicious. Anger walks over to Fear and whispers to him, while getting a glimpse of Courage, he slowly stops talking and instantly falls in love with her "How did she find out?!" Anger whispers to Fear. "I don't know, she heard Courage talking and came into my room and I had to tell her." Fear replies. "Then why did you says you didn't know if you just gave me the answer?" Anger asks. Fear gives him the ):l face. "Okay, well if she found out about the other two emotions," Fear says. "Then you might as well tell her about the other one." "You guys know I listened to everything you said right." Joy says as she pokes her head from the wall. "WHAT THE?!" Anger says. "HOLY JEEZ!" Fear says. "Ha Ha! I got you two soo good." Joy teases as she leaves. "Remind me to get her back sometime." Anger says, annoyed. "Boy, will I remind you." Fear says. also annoyed. "Well, now that Joy found out about the last two, I guess I show her Talent." Anger says. "Well, here's the last emotion conjured from the core memory." Anger says as he opens the closet and Talent comes out, still holding her breath. "Oh, um... I'm a mind worker just inspecting your closet..." "You know you don't have to do that." Anger says. "Oh sorry." She replies "I'm Talent." "Wow!" Joy whispers to Sadness. "So pretty." "Well, anyway," Anger says. "Since all of this hiding stuff had passed on by, I guess we can resume our lives as normal people helping a 12 year old girl live her life." Anger says. "I thought I was supposed to be the occasionally sarcastic one." Craziness says. "Trust me," Disgust says. "Lots of people here were sarcastic before you came along." Little did they know a new emotion was to be conjured up sooner or later, but hey, I don't want to give you guys any spoilers. Anyway, next story! >D

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