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Joy and Courage decide to do some pranking on a "large" scale.
Tonight was a normal Tuesday night for Riley and Bing Bong but not so mush for her emotions (as usual). As the two went asleep so did her 8 emotions (at least they planned to). Fear and Anger had Dream Duty since Joy and Sadness did the night before. They sat down and got out a bunch of board games since they knew the only thing on would be about fairies or unicorns. Once the monitor came on, their usual theory was right, once again. "Does Dream Productions ever produce anything that isn't about this?" Anger asks, bored. "I don't think so," Fear replies. "And I think Riley's getting pretty sick and tired of dreaming about it every night." "But then again," Anger says. "Then there would be a dream where she'd be in school while she doesn't have pants on or her teeth are falling out in front of everybody." "And that," Fear replied, "Is why I brought board games." Fear takes out a box labeled, "Bored Games" and places it on the control panel. "Sad," Anger says. "You have to bring out board games fro Dream Duty, and also you spelled board wrong." "What wrong with it," Fear says. "And also I spelled board wrong on purpose." "Not you," Anger says. "I'm saying it sad you have to bring out board games because were so bored by these dreams every night." Just then the two heard a noise. A sort of eerie, echoing, giggling noise. "What was that?!" Fear frantically says, grabbing the top of Anger's head. "Please get off of me." Anger replies. The noise echoes again. "Aaaahh! Ghosts! Were gonna die!" Fear says, running until he grabs the top of Anger head again. "Get off of me!" Anger says, his head once again flaming and setting Fear on fire. "AAAAAAAHHHHH!" Fear screams until he grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it of his back. "Okay," Anger says, annoyed, "I'm going to go find what this is." Maybe just the mind workers playing that annoying gum song." He grabs a flash light and walks into a hallway, where the noise was coming from with Fear behind him. "If I die tonight," Fear says. "Tell everyone I loved them." "Dude, please stop." Anger replies. "I'm just saying." Fear says. As the two prepare to walk in front of a corner, the noise giggles again, almost trying to taunt the two. "Why you little..." Anger says as they walk the corner. Joy, Talent, and Courage, all dressed as Jangles the Clown, jump scares and tackles them onto the ground. Fear frantically runs around while Anger also running around while his head burst in flames (again), swings a fire extinguisher back and forth until Fear hits a wall, and Anger burns out and passes out. Once the two calm down and regain sanity they see the three girls dressed like Jangles the Clown (hence the title). "Remind me to get them back way harder then I wanted to last night." Anger whispers to Fear. "When I'm pranking them I'm going to put all of that safety stuff aside." Fear whispers back. "What are you guys even doing?!" Anger asks, annoyed. "Just spreading that Halloween spirit around." Joy says. "Halloween passed 24 days ago!" Anger yells. "Well," Courage says, "We have to stay busy in the off- season." Fear and Anger do the >:l face at the three. "But, there's something missing from this." Joy says. "Me actually hitting one of you with a fire extinguisher?" Anger says to himself. "How about the ability to be 50 feet tell like Jangles!" Joy answers her own question. Fear and Anger become wide - eyed. "Okay, Joy by herself is enough." Fear whispers to Anger." "But 50 foot tall Joy, utter chaos." "Let's go before she gets any ideas." Anger replies. "Okay Joy , baaiii." Fear says as he grabs Anger and runs back to the Control Panel. Little did they know Joy was actually serious with the idea. "The next day, a small metal box comes out of the delivery slot in Headquarters. "YES! They arrived!" Joy says. "I guess it was a good idea to pay for special delivery." Courage replies. "Um, what arrived actually?" Fear asks. "Oh, just something." Talent giggles. "Okay," Anger says once he sees the box. "Oh Jeez, they're actually going to go with that idea." "Umm, what idea?" Sadness asks. "Well," Fear says as he explains the whole scenario to Sadness, Disgust, and Craziness. "Why would they want to grow themselves to 50 feet tall?" Disgust asks. "That's like asking why Jangles would want to shrink himself to how tall Joy is right now." Craziness replies. "I asked the mind workers to prepare these." Joy says. "But on one condition." "Huh, what was that?" Fear asks. "They could spy on us with telescopes while we used them." Courage says, sounding annoyed. "Um, I would advise not to use them." Fear says. "Those could have side effects." "The mind workers told us there wouldn't be any." Joy says. "Hasn't it occurred to you that they're only saying that just because they wanted to spy on you? Anger asks. "Actually, no now that I think about it, but aren't you just saying that so we won't use them?" Joy asks, playfully pretending to be suspicious. "Oh, um, no." Fear says. "Well if you don't want us to use them, you've gotta catch us first!" Courage says as the 2 girls run into the recall tube. "Could you just not say anything Fear?" Disgust asks. "Hey, I didn't know she was that suspicious!" Fear says, doing the ):l face at Disgust. Anger, Fear, and Craziness run through the recall tube and land in long term memory, where they catch a glimpse of Joy running into one of the aisles. "Joy, stop!" Anger says. "You know what happens when anything giant appears, everyone get tanks, bombers, and and and start shooting at you!" Fear says. "I've seen enough movies to tell you that!" "It'll be fine!" Joy replies. "It only last for 6 hours." "6 hours is all somebody like Joy would need to accidentally turn everything around her into rubble without trying." Craziness replies, panting. Once they finally corner her Courage runs into her and the two fall down. Sadness randomly flops on top of Joy to make sure she doesn't take her pill. "Okay, just put the pills down and walk over like a calm reasonable person would." Fear says. "Don't you see them on the ground?" Disgust replies. "Oh, my tank's empty." Courage says, exhausted. "Good," Fear says. "Now I can get that pill." "Just kidding!" Courage says as she trips Fear over. "Oh, sorry. Put some ice on that." Courage says. Fear gives her the ):l face. As quickly as possible the three take the pills before Anger or Craziness could stop them. "Huh," Joy says. "We're these even supposed to work?" Courage replies. Suddenly the two feel a bad, rumbling feeling in their stomachs. The two start to fell a bit drowsy but still groggily walk toward the recall tube. Then the feeling in their stomachs gets even worse. It get so worse the two pass out, then their bodies start to slowly but surely grow. Anger, Fear, and Craziness start to frantically brainstorm. "What'll happen when they wake up?!" Fear worries. "It'll be total chaos!" "Wait." Craziness says. "I heard about this guy named Jangles who lives in Riley's nightmare, if we can wake him up we can fight them!" Why would we want to do that?" Anger says. "Okay maybe wrestle so they don't fall into the dump." Craziness replies. The three run off just as Joy and Courage woke up. "Ooh," Joy says groggily. "Is that feeling gone?" "I guess." Courage replies. "And hey, I think the pills worked." The two looked around, and saw that everything was smaller then they were." "Now I guess we can share a little prank with the mind works!" Joy suggests. "Isn't that why we made these?" Courage replies giggling. As the two get up and try to walk without being noticed (because long term memory's walls only got so high) Anger, Fear, and Craziness were just arriving at Riley's Nightmare. "But that's my hat." A mind guard said. "Well, I wrote "my hat" on mine and that says "my hat". Another one replied. "Well I wrote "my hat" on mine too. The other one says. "Um, hi." Fear says. "Can we get in there?" "Oh boy, better make sure they're not throwing a party in there." The mind guard says. He opens the door, sees nothing, then Anger, Fear, and Craziness run beside him. "Hey, you can't do that!" The mind worker says. "Well, that's only if they want to escape." The other one replies. They walk through Riley's Nightmare and see Riley's many fears, such as her grandma's vacuum cleaner, the stairs to the basement, or broccoli trees. "Boy this girl is scared of the most unusual things." Craziness says. "I know," Anger says. "I don't even know why Fear is scared." Once they find a sleeping Jangles, they cautiously proceed to honk his nose, waking him up. "Whos a bday girl..." Jangles sleeptalks. Once he wakes up. Anger and Craziness proceed to trick him "Hey dude," Craziness says. "Did you hear about that party over there?" Y - Yeah." Fear says. "T 0 There's gonna be cake a -a - and..." "A party?!" Jangles says enthusiastically. And he starts to walk toward the trio who starts to run toward the exit. "No but it's my hat I wrote "my hat" on it. The mind worker says when Jangles bashes the large door down, allowing the trio to pass through. Meanwhile near a corridor in Long - Term memory, the Forgetters are rigging the Memory Dump revival tube for operation until they see a few memories bouncing up and down. "What was that?" One asks. "Meh, maybe just Bing Bong falling off of the ladder." Another replies. "Wait, Bing Bong's asleep." Another says. "Umm..." The other replies. Two grab a flashlight and walks through the corridor and see a 50 foot Joy and Courage disguised as two female Jangles' with hammers and everything. " OH MY FRIGGIN GOSH!!! JANGLES!!!!!! TWO JANGLES!!!" The Forgetters yell. "LET'S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!" The Forgetters completely forget about their job and run for their lives (supposedly). The two giggle. I don't even believe they didn't have any weapons with them." Joy says. "They just ran, and that language." Courage replies. As Anger, Fear, and Craziness see the Forgetters running, they assume it's Joy and Courage. "Why couldn't those two just call it a night when they got us?" Fear asks, annoyed. 5 hours of navigating through Long - Term memory later, the trio and Jangles find Joy and Courage. Jangles asks. "What am I supposed to do again." "Well," Craziness asks, looking sly. "It's their birthdays, their twins, and they like wrestling." "IT'S THEIR... BIRTHDAYS?!!!!" Jangles asks enthusiastically. "Yep." Anger says as the trio puts on seatbelts. The two suddenly become visible over the memory shelf. "Hey, guys." Joy says. "We've had a blast pulling pranks on mind workers! Wait, how'd you get up there?" Suddenly Jangles runs over the shelf and tackles the two. "Ay ay ay. Who knew a clown could weigh so much?" Courage asks. "Well, this is two against one!" Joy says as the two get Jangles up and suddenly tackle him back. Jangles giggles. The three struggle and again Jangles is tackled. "Dang it," Anger says. "Well never beat them at this rate." "Maybe if we find something that can make Jangles a little more energized." Suddenly the three get an idea. Craziness pulls a beatbox out of his large sack. "How'd you fit that in there?" Fear asks. "Doesn't matter right now." Craziness replies. Her puts a tape in and is starts to play a remix of the "Happy Birthday Song." "BIRTHDAY SONG?!!!" Jangles says, more energized than ever. "Where's that music coming from?" Courage asks. The two are suddenly tacked again by Jangles. The two nod their head and begin to try and pull a trick on Jangles. Courage gets out from under Jangles and begins to push him down while Joy pushes up. "Oh no!" Fear says. "Come on Jangles," Anger says frantically. "Just a little more..." As the pushing gets even stronger, Jangles gets weaker. "Come on... COME ON..." Anger says. Suddenly when Jangles can't go any longer, the effect from the pills wears off due to it being 6 hours. "OWW! AGAIN?!" Joy says as the pain in their stomachs once again returns, and they return to their normal sizes. "Oh jeez." Craziness says as the trio and Jangle collapse. "Okay..." Courage says. "I've had enough, let's go home." Joy says. Once everybody (except for Jangles of course) gets back through the recall tube, Sadness asks, "What were al of you doing out? You guys look tired." "Not just, tired you guys look like you're about to pass out." Disgust adds. "Long story, I can tell you all about it." Joy replies. "Oh, okay, cool." Talent says. "Just don't get any ideas." Fear says. "Definitely." Anger and Craziness say at the same time. "Jinx." Craziness says. "What does that mean?" Anger asks. "It means I get to punch you every time you speak." Craziness replies as he punches Anger in the arm. After Joy is finished saying what happened during the course of the day's events, Sadness whispers. "Remind me not to leave Headquarters when they act like this." "Definitely, I'll be doing both of us a big favor." Disgust replies. Little did they know that they forgot to put Jangles back in Riley's Nightmare. Too bad for them...

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