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A Magi gives a lecture at the latest Scrollfest Conference where he shares his findings.
Greetings, my colleagues, my associates, my fellows scholars, sages and learned gentlemen. My friends. I formally, and most humbly greet you, and welcome you to the fourteenth Scrollfest conference here in Babylon. It has become something of a tradition to hold this here, has it not?

I would like to welcome all of you. I would like to also thank those of you who have graciously donated your time and resources to help make this possible. Thank you. Also, thank you to the group from Alexandria. The gifts of scrolls and documents you have brought is indeed a great gift. And I know that I am not the only one eager to observe their lecture on the proper maintenance and care of certain scrolls and papers. May your library and city always flourish, and your doors stay open forever to educate and inspire the many generations to come.

Now, I would love to thank you all individually, but the time we have left will now allow this. So let me say right now, from the bottom of my heart, how grateful and overjoyed I am to see each and every one of you. You did not have to be here, yet here you are. Willing to come today, to embrace learning. I applaud you.

I too have a great love for learning. I have been on this life’s journey for many years, and have read much, wrote much and observed much. Yet there is always more to learn! I am interested in the passage of the stars in particular. The heavenly bodies have a reputation to show what will happen in our lives. For the most part, I do not believe this. It seems to be a bit strange that something so far away would be concerned with what we do. If it did, something has to guide it. And is this guidance of who I know not the name of, the guidance through the heavens, and through the direction of one star in particular that I wish to talk about.

Remember we magi have been led by a refugee, a Jewish man. One who proved over his long life to be full of knowing and wisdom. He had claimed over and over that it is not him, but his God showing his truths through him. Well, I won’t get into this particular conversation here and now. I will say, however, that he was best known for his interpretation of dreams and his visions of what is to be. He long had claimed that a great leader, most likely a great king will be born in the future. He is to bring in a new kingdom. This kingdom is one that he said will never end. He foretold the birth to take place in Judea. There, too, is other prophets from that land who claim that a king will be born. He will be born in Bethlehem. He will be born of Jesse. He will be a priest. He is obviously going to be very important. Ad I believe it will be happening soon. Within a few years. And it is because of prophecy, and because of the star I had been observing.

There is a star in the heavens, which I believe will shine it’s brightest over the land of the king. I know it will be bright because it has been steadily becoming brighter with each passing night. I know, I have observed it since it first appeared in the sky. How did I know? I am well read. And I believe that Daniel’s God is setting all this in motion. I do not understand it all. But I know that when it goes, I want to be on hand to see it. True learning does not happen in a room, watching life and reading scrolls and saying this should happen, but I will not act on my knowledge. But it is more than just witnessing this take place. I will want to worship.

If this happens, then I will have to be forced to say that the God of the Jews is real. How else could such things happen? How else can such prophecies be so close to the truth, almost to within 30 years? How else can the star be? So I must go. I must see for myself. And if I go, and if I see, then I must worship. Who will come with me? Who will come see the new king? The one who will bring in a kingdom that will never end? Who will take this dare with me? And who will be content to let the birth of a king simply pass them by?

Thank you.
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