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A tale of 2 real life lovers that have been faced with many challenges 4 the next 3 years
Only one archer could hit the mark.
He came from a far off land.
Through he entered from a wardrobe.
How did the archer come into the realm? Why?
How s still a mystery but why....was to find his princess.
Did he find her?
Yes in a far off realm from you and I
Was his princess alone?
No she wasn't for another had her heart or so she thought.
She met the strange but oddly handsome archer and fell for him.
This fool she was withering really love her. She realized her heart had misled her though it could have been her brain and her heart was disagreeing. Her knight stands before her(her soul mate). She had already fallen for the archer and she didn't even know his name. She could care less of his name for all she cared he could Morgoths descendent in the realm he came from. Her heart was taking the reins. The reins of her life were taken a hold of by her soul or was it her heart. The knight finally introduced himself as Sir Ari of Narnia. She wondered what Narnia was like compared to her realm of Gondor in the world of Middle-Earth . He drops to his knees to praise the Lord of the realm. But she believed she was the one being praised even if he didn't know the name of his future Queen. The immediate connection between the 2 of them was electric and very unspoken but it was definitely mutual. She finally introduced herself as Lady Andromeda. He finally stood. He walked up to her and gently grasped her hand said "my lady" and carefully kissed the top of her hand. She reluctantly pulled away and with spears unintentionally on her voice said,
"I am a married woman"
But her eyes said i want you. The devilishly handsome archer was merely paying his respects to the queen. But that kiss was to long for the kings likeing. So he tapped her shoulder as if to say your married. That night she finally came to terms with her feelings for the archer. She told her husband that she could no longer be his wife for she loved another man. He was beheaded the next day by one of the remaining uruk ha I. She was widowed. The archer was there he told her to come to Narnia with him because she had nothing in this realm.
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