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Write a story using every letter of the alphabet, for Dec Advent Challenge, 12/22
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Maxwell, the little pixie that usually could not stay out of trouble, now was St. Nicholas’ assistant. “All elves front and center for roll call,” he announced over the loudspeaker.

One by one, the elves shuffled into the assembly room as Maxwell called out their names:

Osmund, Patxi, Quin, Rollani, Sage, Tobie, Umar, Varden, Weldon, Ximon, Yosef, and Zebedee

“Why all the long faces?” Maxwell inquired.

“It's spring time, and we all have the blue flu,” replied Sage.

“We worked hard getting St. Nicholas ready to deliver the Christmas presents, and we need a vacation where we can meet some girl elves and have some fun,” called out Weldon.

“I’ll bring your concerns to the big elf, but meanwhile, you all have your duty assignments.”

“St. Nicholas, there is a matron with many giggling girl elves in tow at the front door. Do you have a moment to speak with them?” Maxwell asked, putting his clipboard behind his back.

“Female elves? Where did they come from?” St. Nicholas stepped out from behind his great desk. “Well, let’s go meet them, Maxwell.”

The matron and fair elves were looking out of the picture window at Lake Logan. Someone had let the reindeer out to graze in the green grass next to the lake.

“Good afternoon, er Madame… quick Maxwell, what is her name?” St. Nicolas whispered.

“My name is Edwina and these are my charges:

Adara, Bela, Clara, Delia, Erinica, Frigga, Gerica, Jovana, Hannah, Karla,Luisa, Monica, and Isalda.” Each of the girl elves curtsied when their name was called.

“Very nice to meet all of you, but why are you here?” St. Nicholas inquired.

“We came in answer to the advertisement you placed,” replied Edwina.

“Maxwell, what do you know about this? I don’t recall placing any kind of advertisement.” St. Nicholas gave his assistant a puzzled gaze.

“The workshop elves have all declared they have the blue flu. I ran an advertisement looking for female companionship for them.” Maxwell blushed and fidgeted with his clipboard.

“Ho, Ho, Ho.! That is a marvelous idea! Please, show Edwina and the girls to the guest wing. I’m going to have a chat with those lonely elves.”


In record time, St. Nicholas and the elves had set up picnic tables laden with all their favorite foods next to the shore of Lake Logan. St. Nicholas raised the flag to guide his reindeer in for a landing on the green. Sage was driving the reindeer. In the sleigh behind him were Maxwell, Edwina, and the elven girls.

Each elf stepped up to the sleigh to help a girl elf step down from the sleigh. When the sleigh was emptied, St. Nicholas announced, “Let’s get this party started!”

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