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by Arden
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An emotional piece about overcoming obstacles in our lives
An octopus symbolizes complexity, mystery, intelligence, and illusion. An octopus can camoflage itself when it feels threatened. It can avoid dangers as it creates an illusion by blending into it's surroundings. An octopus symbolizes beauty as it glides through the depths of the ocean, searching for purpose. That purpose is love. Love is what keeps the world turning, it is also what often kills us. Love is a horrid, tragic factor in our everyday lives yet it represents something so beautiful it is often too much to handle as we move along in our galaxy of complex emotions and journeys which can make or break us. And some of us break. Some of us stunt our journey all because ine little glimmer, one little star in our entire galaxy dies out. And a piece of us dies out with it. We then become the octopus. Blending in with our surroundings, enclosing ourselves in mystery and building in emotional complexity as if no one can break down and rip apart the cloak of tentacles we wrap around ourselves. Afriad to let someone else's complex galaxy inside. But we emerge strong. The metamorphasis complete. And while we might have lost a few stars along the way, we are now a super nova, invincible and beautiful. All thanks to that little octopus inside of us, only coming out to heal and restore the power of love within us.
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